Humphries Teases ‘Green Lanterns’ ‘Justice League’ Crossover

DC Comics writer Sam Humphries talked about his new book ‘Green Lanterns’ with Monkeys Fighting Robots podcast host Matthew Sardo. The book stars Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz two of the newest Green Lanterns to protect sector 2814. During the conversation about the book Humphries expanded upon the relationships of Simon and Jessica with the Justice League and teased a multi-book crossover that includes Bryan Hitch’s ‘Justice League.’

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“I had a great conversation this week with Bryan Hitch writer of ‘Justice League’ and we talked a lot about these two characters (Barry Allen and Jessica Cruz). We talked a lot about the other characters in the ‘Justice League.’ How they’re all going to relate to each other and came up with some pretty exciting ideas. Justice League is going to be an insane book in Brian’s hands. I’m really excited to have Simon and Jessica in the mix, and he’s really excited to write them. There is going to be a lot of cool stuff going back and forth between these two books and some other books in the DC Universe, and I’ve probably already said too much, so there’s your exclusive,” said Humphries.

Humphries also reconfirmed that Batman wants the new mysterious power ring introduced in ‘Green Lanterns: Rebirth.”

“I think Batman and Simone will have some interesting connections to make, and we will be building on that,” said Humphries. “Batman is a strategist, and he is a guy who likes his toys. So, there is a new power ring in play I think it makes sense that he would be very interested in this ring.”



‘Green Lanterns #2’ hits your local comic book shop on July 20.
Green Lantern #2

“RAGE PLANET” Chapter Two: In issue #2, the world descends into rage! Crowds are rioting while Simon and Jessica find themselves powerless to stop the carnage. With their backs against the wall and no other options available, Earth’s rookie Green Lanterns take the fight to the Red Lanterns’ Bleez!

Listen to the complete Sam Humphries interview below:

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