Check Out Freddie Wong’s ‘RocketJump: The Show’ Trailer

Recently released, here is the official trailer for RocketJump: The Show, which premieres on Hulu Wednesday, December 2nd. RocketJump: The Show will be a documentary style series following the hit YouTube channel RocketJump, which boasts an impressive 7.6 million YouTube subscribers, in the creation of their VFX-heavy comedic shorts, that has featured with Key & Peele, Jon Favreau and Jimmy Kimmel.

The concept of RocketJump: The Show, is eight different comedic shorts ranging from westerns, a bus-flipping standoff between two studio execs and a fan fiction battle, involving a Sherlock and Dracula love scene, which debuted at NYCC 2015. Each of the comedic shorts will be accompanied by a BTS documentary about how they were made and the processes in which the team took, spanning from creation to execution.

For more from the RocketJump team themselves, you can check out my interview with the team at NYCC 2015, where they debuted some never before seen content at Comic Con.

Chris Massari
Chris Massari
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