Why A She-Hulk Series Would Be Great For The Disney Streaming Service

As Marvel-Disney has another great year, fans are reeling from the shock of Marvel’s plans for new streaming shows. Instead of Netflix, this will closely tie in with the films. With news of these series, it brings hope we may see more diversity in the MCU. Especially when it comes to female superheroes. What better hero to star on a series like She-Hulk?

She-Hulk Avengers

As we now know, Allan Heinberg is working on a new show with ABC about “lesser known heroes.” While details are scarce, it stands to reason that She-Hulk has a chance of making her MCU debut.


The film rights to Hulk are a famous example of legal headaches. While Marvel Studios owns the character rights, Universal Pictures retains the distribution of any solo Hulk movies. In other words, Marvel could make a Hulk film if they sought to do so, but Universal would have the distribution rights. Furthermore, solo Hulk films do not seem to be big moneymakers like Iron Man and Captain America. However, Kevin Feige has come up with a way for Hulk to be in the MCU by appearing in Avengers and other movies.

The show would be split between She-Hulk and her human alter ego Jennifer Walters. As the cousin of Bruce Banner, Jennifer already has a connection to the Hulk. Upon needing a blood transfusion, she receives a donation from Bruce, who passes on his gamma radiated-cells to her. This results in Jennifer becoming the mighty She-Hulk. Initially, while Bruce reverts to and from Hulk form, Jennifer is stuck in She-Hulk mode. Later, she would gain the ability to switch back and forth at will.

She Hulk

As a lawyer, Walters represents a number of clients in the Marvel Universe. During the Civil War era, she did serve as Peter Parker’s attorney when the Daily Bugle was suing him. In the World War Hulk storyline, Jennifer tried to sue Tony Stark for stealing her powers (which she would regain).

She-Hulk would make for an interesting dynamic with Walters. That way, you would have a superhero who is also a high-powered lawyer. The only question is how much of the hypothetical show would be about Jennifer, as well as She-Hulk?

What do you think? Could She-Hulk carry a show? Share your thoughts!

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