Black Widow #4 is a fascinating yet somewhat dark read, full of risks and challenges for a fan favorite character. This series has been a breath of fresh air, with creative writing, brilliant artwork, and so much more.

How to Face the Widow’s Rage in BLACK WIDOW #4

BLACK WIDOW #4, available Wednesday from Marvel Comics, continues a unique and groundbreaking story of the one and only Natasha Romanoff, aka the Black Widow. Her journey so far has been unexpected, and now there are more twists lying in wait.

Which version of Nat will she be, when she wakes up?

Many fans have been talking nonstop about Black Widow’s latest series, and with good reason. It has been an innovative series, right from the start, pushing Natasha Romanoff to new heights and adventures. Alongside her fans, of course.

Over the course of four issues, fans have come to understand the circumstances that led to this latest turn of events. Knowing how it came to be hasn’t lessened the emotional toll of it all. If anything, the opposite is true.

Black Widow #4 picks up right where the previous issue left off, with Natasha fighting for her life. All while fighting to understand everything that is happening. She’s likely in for a rough ride in her future.

A heartwarming reaction, with interesting implications.

The Writing

Natasha’s life has been turned upside down over the course of these past few issues. What started out as a seemingly normal mission has turned into anything but – with even her allies becoming a little bit confused about what has happened. Admittedly to comical effect.

Black Widow #4 is full of action, fighting, and so much more. All thanks to Kelly Thompson and her creative writing. This is a dark issue, though perhaps not for the reasons one might expect. The truth has finally come out, as has the reaction to it.

The story doesn’t end there. Not by a long shot. This actually makes a painful amount of sense, as Black Widow has never been a person to just walk away. Not from a fight, and certainly not from this.

This entire plot arc is added layers to Nat’s character, and in such refreshing ways. It’s so easy to imagine this different side of her character, even if it did come about due to false circumstances. It makes readers want a win for this heroine. While also raising concerns about how long it’ll be before the rug is once again pulled out from under her feet.

Even with that sense of foreboding lingering in the air, this entire series has been such a breath of fresh air. This is a Black Widow series like never seen before, as Thompson takes risks. Both with the writing, and the character herself.

Naturally, this story is far from over, as Black Widow’s enemies continue planning.

The Art

The was a fairly massive artistic team working together to bring Black Widow #4 to the fans. This is thanks, at least in part, due to the fact that flashbacks made their way into the mix. Those flashbacks set the scene, and were a necessary inclusion for this issue.

Elena Casagrande was the lead artist for present-day events, while Carlos Gomez was the artist in charge of the flashbacks. Together they wove a narrative that is impossible to look away from. In both timelines, Natasha looks amazing – and just a little bit intimidating. As she should. As do her enemies.

Jordie Bellaire’s colors were used for the present, while Federico Blee’s colors made an appearance in the past. The two were highly distinct from one another – making the transition clear. Interestingly enough, they did not make the decision to mute the colors for the past. The brighter tones are oddly effective here, especially as the present seems to be set in largely darker spaces.

VC’s Cory Petit was the letterer for the entire issue, adding a sense of cohesion throughout. There are a few panels in particular that really steal the show here, and countless little details that are a strong reminder of just how dangerous the Black Widow really is.

We’ve gone from an elaborate plan to something much simpler (in theory).


Upon completing Black Widow #4, it’s almost difficult to know how to feel. That’s how you know an issue has gotten under one’s skin. It’s dark, full of action, and really took some major risks with Nat’s character. The real question is, how long will it last? More importantly, what is going to follow that cliffhanger ending?

Cat Wyatt
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Black Widow #4 is a fascinating yet somewhat dark read, full of risks and challenges for a fan favorite character. This series has been a breath of fresh air, with creative writing, brilliant artwork, and so much more. How to Face the Widow's Rage in BLACK WIDOW #4