Lucy Claire: Redemption #5 is a tense issue, full of danger and blood, as well as answers and hope. Combined with brilliant artwork, it's an issue worth checking out.

How The Plot Thickens In LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #5

LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #5, available this Wednesday from Image Comics, is about to up the ante for this werewolf hunting group – and their conflicted leader.

Lucy’s past is catching up to her in Lucy Claire: Redemption #5.


Lucy Claire: Redemption is one of those series that deserves more attention for the feats it is pulling off. John Upchurch is the writer and artist for the entire series, an act that is certainly a labor of love.

Once upon a time, Lucy Claire was a famous werewolf hunter. That’s all in the past now, or at least, it almost was. Now she’s been pulled to the forefront of another war, as wolves come crawling out of the dark.

As does her past. There’s a reason Lucy lived in a state of disgrace, and why she let herself fall so low. Now readers are about to learn the full truth and all of the complications that come with it.

It’s safe to say that Lucy is not in a good place in Lucy Claire: Redemption #5.

The Writing

Lucy Claire: Redemption #5 is a harrowing read, for a variety of reasons. The issue starts off with Lucy in a rough predicament, one that might be upsetting for some This scene is made even more intense by the implications of who is involved.

From there the issue moves rapidly forward, which is both good and bad. Bad, because there are still so many questions left unanswered. Good, because we’re back to seeing Lucy in a state where she can hold herself up – and she’s willing to fight with everything she has.

It’s this balance that made the issue so intense and intriguing. The hints of the past, along with references to what could be. Upchurch has made no effort to hold the reader’s hands through this journey, yet that in itself has proven to be the right move. The careful unveiling of the past has only increased emotional investment, rather than decreasing it.

One thing is certain: there’s a fight brewing on the horizon. It’s impossible not to detect that fact, just like it’ll be impossible to avoid rooting for Lucy and her side of this impending war.

The Art

As mentioned above, John Upchurch was responsible for all of the artwork in Lucy Claire: Redemption #5. It’s still an incredibly impressive feat, even five issues in. The series has such a distinct look and feel, and it has truly heightened the story to all-new levels.

This is an issue full of rapidly transitioning scenes, yet it wasn’t difficult to follow what was happening. In fact, almost all of the focus goes towards what is being said (and what is being left unsaid). Something Upchurch encouraged by creative panel usage.

The fight scene that inevitability follows is worth seeing as well, if for no other reason than having the satisfaction of knowing it happened. It’s a fast-moving fight, making it all feel more realistic because of it. This is a brutal fight, with no room for pretty moves or fancy dodges. It suits this world in more ways than one.


Lucy Claire: Redemption #5 is another intense addition to this series, one that does not feel inclined to pull its punches. Thankfully, it also is starting to let readers get a glimpse into Lucy’s past – and hinting at what she’ll do to get her future (and family) back).

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Lucy Claire: Redemption #5 is a tense issue, full of danger and blood, as well as answers and hope. Combined with brilliant artwork, it's an issue worth checking out. How The Plot Thickens In LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #5