Firefly #17 features bold artwork, clever character development, and plenty of action to go around. Altogether, that makes for a memorable issue.

How The Plan Is Falling Apart In FIREFLY #17

FIREFLY #17, out this Wednesday from Boom! Studios brings readers back to a ‘verse full of dangers, and people who think they have the right to dictate how the rest of humanity should behave. That’s a world that Malcolm Reynolds has always chafed against.

A new figure enters the fray in Firefly #17.


The crew of Serenity has been facing many changes over the recent years (months?), many of them being unpredictable even to the most dedicated of fans. On the bright side, that means the series has consistently been full of surprises.

Malcolm Reynolds makes for the most unlikely of sheriffs, yet in Firefly #17, one can see just how easily he can get stuck between a rock and a hard place. After all, it’s not like the rest of his crew have quit the illegal gigs just because of his new career path.

Mal’s job title has always had a timer going for it. There was simply no way he would be capable of staying there long term. Now we’re starting to see the endpoint of his run at going legit, and it’s not looking pretty.

The alternate cover for Firefly #17 is looking a might foreboding…

The Writing

Greg Pak is still at the helm of this project, bringing the Firefly crew to new heights – and lows. This is a plot that has been coming to a head for a while now, yet he’s somehow managed to up the ante in spite of that.

Firefly #17 is an issue packed to the brim with action. Much of it revolves around the obvious guesses (Mal does have a penchant for trouble), but a few moments will bring surprises – and cheers. There’s something refreshing in that.

The introduction of the Blue Sun organization was a good call, and it’s still paying off even several issues later. That’s proof of a slow-building plot arc right there. One that feels distressingly similar to another organization fans already saw fall.

The conclusion of this issue is setting up for another climactic series of events. Events that might, with any luck, bring the beloved crew back together once again. Though possibly not for the reasons fans would like.

It’s just like Mal to be cleaning up after his crew.

The Artwork

The artwork found inside Firefly #17 is bold and distinct. While fans can certainly recognize their favorites from the show, it’s clear that the creative team has started to feel bolder in taking risks in styles and portrayals. On the whole, those risks have paid off.

The medium is well-suited to the changes created, as well as for all of the actions (and explosions) provided thus far. There are a few fight scenes worth talking about here, but one of them stands above the rest. The unique style of the series shone clearly at that particular moment, making the whole scene feel even fiercer than it otherwise could have been.

Lalit Kumar Sharma was the lead artist, with Francesco Segala providing the colors, and Jim Campbell the letters. Together they created a newer looking universe that still manages to feel familiar. All while providing the characters, action, and setting that fans have come to love.

They say there’s no rest for the wicked.

In Conclusion

Firefly #17 continues to bring fans along a path full of surprises. This is not where fans expected to find their favorite crew, yet in some ways, it is still fitting. In many other ways, it proves that this is a series with many more stories left to tell.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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How The Plan Is Falling Apart In FIREFLY #17Firefly #17 features bold artwork, clever character development, and plenty of action to go around. Altogether, that makes for a memorable issue.