Star #5 is bold, brash, and unafraid to tell a tale about a woman suffering – while simultaneously growing stronger. Accompanied by brilliant artwork, Star's story is unforgettable.

How She Finds Her Freedom in STAR #5

STAR #5, out this Wednesday from Marvel Comics, concludes the tale of Ripley Ryan – for now. The reporter-turned-villain is tired of having her narrative controlled, so she is taking things into her own hands.

Ripley Ryan is no longer playing around on this cover of Star #5.


It has been a wild ride. Fans of Captain Marvel first saw Ripley as a young reporter, one who worked for a small magazine and seemed happy to do her job. Then a villain entered her life, and thus Star was born. While it wasn’t quite that simple, fans still witnessed the entire progression over the course of just a couple of arcs.

The series concludes with Star #5 – yet it’s clear that her story is far from over. Even the ending of the issue discuses this making it obvious that Star will be making cameos in other Marvel issues. So be sure to keep your eye open for her in the near future!


The Writing

The conclusion to this series is every bit as entertaining and dramatic as the first four issues of the series. Kelly Thompson demands the reader’s attention in Star #5, as Star struggles to gain control of her abilities (granted to her by the bond she has with the Reality Stone).

That isn’t the only thing Star has struggled with over the course of the series. She’s suffering from PTSD, courtesy of her battle against Captain Marvel, she’s a victim turned aggressor, yet she can’t let go of the pain.

All of this is directly discussed within these pages, the duality of Star’s nature. It’s refreshingly open and honest while having a healthy dash of hope (thanks to Scarlet Witch for that). There’s something so human about that, even while seeing it pushed to the extreme.

Don’t worry, there’s also plenty of fighting to be found. As well as several hints for what is to come in the greater Marvel Universe. That alone makes this an issue you’re not going to want to skip out on.

No matter how you look at it, it’s going to be fascinating to see where Star ends up next. There’s no doubt that she’s going to find a way to influence the events around her. She would, even without access to the Reality Stone. After all, she’s come into her own over the course of this miniseries.


The Artwork

Star #5 had some brilliant artwork to backup all of that storytelling. Javier Pina and Filipe Andrade were the lead artists, working alongside Jesus Aburtov for colors, and VC’s Clayton Cowles for lettering.

The fight scenes are compelling. So much so that they’ll leave readers wishing for more. A promise that feels like it’ll be kept in future appearances of Star. Meanwhile, the emotions elicited via the artwork cannot be ignored. Star has a backstory filled with pain, and that pain radiates off the pages.

The colors felt so alive and vibrant. Star stands out on the pages, especially in contrast to those opposing her. There’s some irony to her color palette, but it actually works really nicely for her. It also ties into the conflict of her character.

One lovely decision about the color pallet – it was intentionally changed depending on the timeline. Any time a flashback occurred (and there were a couple of those moments) the colors became more muted. A quick and immediate way of making that transition clear.

The lettering is subtle, yet also effective in this issue. The careful placement of thoughts, text, and other text elements was exactly what Star’s narrative needed. There’s no clutter, yet there’s no avoiding her either.

All of these elements worked together to create something bold and perfect for Star’s determination and plight. It suited the character perfectly, from her weakest moments to her strongest.


In Conclusion

Star #5 is a conclusion that lives up to promises made to the fans. It’s consuming, spectacular, and will leave fans wanting more. Which is fortunate, because Star’s tale is not done. She is not the type of character to give up and walk away. Not now.

This issue is also going to prove to be relevant to the rest of the Marvel universe in some way as well. Placing any bets on what shes’ going to do next?

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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How She Finds Her Freedom in STAR #5Star #5 is bold, brash, and unafraid to tell a tale about a woman suffering – while simultaneously growing stronger. Accompanied by brilliant artwork, Star's story is unforgettable.