Spider-Woman #4 is a dark issue, portraying so much all at once, and giving Jess plenty of time to react to it all. Meanwhile, the artwork is bold, intense, and brilliant.

How Family Always Makes it More Complicated in SPIDER-WOMAN #4

SPIDER-WOMAN #4, available Wednesday from Marvel Comics, proves that when it comes to the world of superheroes, family tends to make everything all the more complicated. That’s certainly the case when it comes to the Spider heroes running around.

Getting ready to face down her latest challenge in Spider-Woman #4.

Jessica Drew’s latest series has thrown her into a desperate run, all with the hopes of saving her own health – and the health of a newly introduced character. It’s been tense from the start, with foreshadowing elements dropped left and right.

Now it’s time to see what is so concerning. It truly is never simple for characters like Spider-Woman, is it? This dark twist in Jessica’s series may not be what fans expected, yet in many ways it’s feeling right at home in the larger world.

Too bad Jess doesn’t actually get a say in the matter – that would probably have changed things for the better. One thing is certain, the complications Jess has been facing in this series are far from over. If anything, it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

A dark and complex history, indeed.

The Writing

Spider-Woman #4 is arguably the darkest issue in the series so far, though perhaps not for the obvious reasons. Karla Pacheco has crafted a complex tale here, with dangers that even Spider-Woman’s senses couldn’t pick up.

As Spider-Woman #3 hinted at, this issue is rich with backstory. Jess’ past is not as far behind her as she might think, and it shows here. But even newer fans shouldn’t have any trouble following along, as Pacheco summed up all the important (and relevant) information.

There are so many twists to be found in this issue, it’s borderline exhausting. Mostly for the leading lady, that is. Her emotions seem to spill out from the pages, and all of it’s feeling pretty justified. With any luck, she’ll have a chance to help others understand how she’s feeling at a later date (she’s kind of earned it at this point).

The action is fast-paced, bringing about a thrilling sensation. Right up until the cliffhanger conclusion for this issue. It’s going to be a long month, waiting to see how everything plays out.

And so the history of it all comes out.

The Art

Spider-Woman #4 carries with it all the needed impact, thanks largely to the artwork. For example, the final image of this issue may be only one panel, yet there are countless details to pick up on. All of which raise more alarm.

Pere Perez’s work provided the necessary foundation for the artwork. The toll of the past few issues is showing clear on Jess, from the red eyes to the slightly crazy look. Yet it all feels oddly in place, given everything else that’s happening around her.

The colors, courtesy of Frank D’Armata are vibrant, especially in regards to the backgrounds. It works nicely when combined with the darker clothing worn in the foreground, and really makes the features stand out even further.

VC’s Travis Lanham provided all of the lettering, and there’s a lot to appreciate here. Especially if you enjoy feeling like explosions actually carry weight and sound with them. Combined with careful outlining, it makes for an effective and enthralling read.

Time for a well deserved freakout, don’t you think?


Spider-Woman #4 is a dark and twisted issue, showing fans that Jessica Drew’s tale is far from over. Though it is starting to feel like Jess really can’t get a break. While it’s tempting to guess at how the next issue is going to start, in a way it’s going to be fun to see how she finds a way to save the day. Again.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Spider-Woman #4 is a dark issue, portraying so much all at once, and giving Jess plenty of time to react to it all. Meanwhile, the artwork is bold, intense, and brilliant. How Family Always Makes it More Complicated in SPIDER-WOMAN #4