Spider-Woman #3 is full of brilliant and bold artwork, as well as careful character development, and more than one major revelation.

A Shocking Revelation In SPIDER-WOMAN #3

SPIDER-WOMAN #3, available this Wednesday from Marvel Comics, throws Jessica Drew back into the fray. Her latest series has given her more than ever to contend with, including a brand new suit.

spoilers ahead

Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, is back with her own series, and the stakes have never been so high. At least, not so high and so personal. She’s been backed into a corner, and we all know how well that is going to go over.

Spider-Woman #3 continues the latest adventure for Jessica Drew. Sometimes is horribly wrong with her – and now she’s on a race against time (and her body) in order to set things right. This has brought about its own challenges, as one might expect.

Even with these complications, it has been a delight to see Jessica Drew nabbing her own series once again. While the occasional appearance in events and other series (mostly Captain Marvel), has been nice, this feels so much more real.

The darkness before the storm?

The Writing

This latest Jessica Drew series has already been so full of twists and turns – and it’s only a few issues in. Don’t worry, Spider-Woman #3 has no intention of breaking that streak. Written by Karla Pacheco, this is an issue full of action and more than a few climactic moments.

This series is simultaneously portraying Jessica at her best and at her worst. She’s fighting to stay alive for the people she loves, all while struggling against something out of her control. It’s a fine balance, but oddly enough, it all just makes her character feel more human.

A human who has all the right in the world to be feeling extremely angry at the moment. She’s been put through hell and back. Sure, it may all have been done for good reasons, but that hardly changes the fact, now does it?

This issue is full of that anger, to an almost satisfying level. Yet even that isn’t enough to stop the revelations heading Jessica’s way. Which naturally results in a bit of a cliffhanger for the next issue. Who’s placing bets of Jessica starting another fight?

Running parallel to Jessica’s scenes are some moments that are, quite frankly, hilarious. Roger and Gerry are a hilarious pair, though admittedly, Roger is hard-pressed to keep up with that child. It’s a moment of fresh air, before diving back into this tense adventure.

To be fair, she’s got a good reason to be angry.

The Art

Spider-Woman #3 features some bold artwork, as it should. Jessica Drew’s story is dark and complex. The artwork supports that, all while providing an issue full of action, and even a chuckle-worthy moment or two.

Pere Perez was in charge of this issue, providing a broad range of scenes, emotions, and events. Everything from Jessica’s battles, to her emotional (read: extremely angry and ticked off) reactions, as well as everything in between. The contrast between certain scenes was impossible to avoid, and did an excellent job of highlighting her emotional/mental state, and how inaccurate her assumptions are.

Frank D’Armata provided the colors for this issue, bringing the art to life in a bold way. Literally. The colors are vibrant, with only one exception. It was clever to have the scene portraying other characters appear a bit more muted, almost like a flashback. It made it stand out, all while hinting at more.

VC’s Travis Lanham did the lettering, and it was so satisfying here. Thanks to his work, you can really feel it when Jessica lets loose on an enemy. There’s a real sense of impact, not to mention that at times one can almost hear her anger seeping off the pages.

She looks so alive, ironic since she’s fighting to stay alive.


Spider-Woman #3 threw some serious curveballs our way, and while it did leave a bit of a cliffhanger, it’s an experience worth reading. Her journey is full of anger, and rightly so. Yet all of that leaves us wondering: how’s she going to react to this latest twist?

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Spider-Woman #3 is full of brilliant and bold artwork, as well as careful character development, and more than one major revelation.A Shocking Revelation In SPIDER-WOMAN #3