Wicked Things #3 continues Lottie's story, providing ample emotional fuel all while being supported by vibrant artwork.

How Crimes Go Unnoticed In WICKED THINGS #3

WICKED THINGS #3, available Wednesday from Boom! Box continues the tale of Lottie Grote and all the trouble her investigative life has gotten her into. This is an issue full of frustration and irony.


spoilers ahead

Thanks to her talent and determination, Lottie has managed to make enemies out of more than one character. Now that’s all come back to bite her, as she’s been framed for murder. She received a break that wasn’t much of a break when given the opportunity (read: order) to assist the police in their cases instead.

This is something that would work a lot better if the police actually, you know, listened to her. But respect, and trust as well, must be earned. The real question is, how is Lottie going to go about earning it?

Think she’s about to beat somebody with that coffee pot?

The Writing

Wicked Things #3 was written by John Allison, a fact that is made clear as day once Lottie opens her mouth. Allison has a way of designing his characters, and Lottie is no exception to that rule. This is a character that gets herself into the most extraordinary of circumstances, and her reactions are accordingly overdramatic.

It isn’t just Lottie’s plight that makes this issue intriguing. There are many factors at play here from the police officer in charge of monitoring her, to the IT guy, and all the way back around to the criminals eluding the police.

It’s all connected, of course. Yet thus far, it’s only Lottie that can see how it all ties together. Though technically, one could argue the readers know as well, assuming they were able to follow her quick, intuitive leaps.

As per usual, the entire issue, while dealing with some serious undertones, does have it’s funny moments. Lottie’s reactions are the highlight, naturally, but there are other moments as well. But it’s the comedic timing in regards to the reveals that really sells the whole concept.

It looks like Lottie isn’t the only one getting stressed out.

The Art

Wicked Things #3 was illustrated by Max Sarin, who did a delightful job of bringing Lottie and her excursions (tantrums?) to life. Lottie’s expressions are as over the top as her reactions, and it’s actually perfect.

The colors bounce between being intentional mind-numbingly neutral to bright and vibrant. The juxtaposition of the color palette between panels should be jarring – but it isn’t. It just feels natural in connection to Lottie’s personality.

Okay, so the addition of cute little green skulls around Lottie’s head doesn’t hurt. However, those same skulls are certainly intended to be more sinister. It’s yet another element that fans have come to expect from this creative team, yet still feels so perfectly at home here.

Trapped in a stuffy room with windows that don’t open. Talk about a nightmare.

In Conclusion

This was another fascinating issue in Lottie’s story. Wicked Things #3 is setting up for something bigger, with criminals clearly working on a master plan (that has thus far been ignored). It’s an issue that could have been depressing, if not for the characters that filled the pages with their determination and hope. Now let’s see how long it takes for them to sort out the mess.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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How Crimes Go Unnoticed In WICKED THINGS #3Wicked Things #3 continues Lottie's story, providing ample emotional fuel all while being supported by vibrant artwork.