Mercy #3 is a vivid issue, full of striking characters and designs, brilliant colors, and intriguing plots.

How A Wicked Plan Unfolds In MIRKA ANDOLFO’S MERCY #3

MIRKA ANDOLFO’S MERCY #3, available this Wednesday from Image Comics dives into the grand scheme of Lady Hellaine, and the poor town that will soon play part in it all. A haunting tale with daunting and terrifying notes aplenty, this is not one to miss.

What a twisted family to be found on the cover of Mercy #3.


The twisted tale continues in Mercy #3. Lady Hellaine is a woman (creature?) with many plans, and they all have to do with Woodsburgh, a town in the middle of nowhere. While her plan may have hit a few snags on the way, there’s plenty of reason to be concerned about the fate of these townspeople.

The Lady has always been accompanied by her keeper, but now she also has a new companion. One who oddly enough believes the wayward woman to be her mother. That is surely not something that was in the plans, though perhaps it will work out in her favor.

One thing is certain, this little town in the middle of nowhere has had its fair share of pain and suffering. In fact, the more we learn of it, the more it seems like the two are directly connected. All that’s left is to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Lady Hellaine is looking haunting on this alternative cover for Mercy #3.

The Writing

Mercy #3 is a chilling read – and it is also intriguing. The sort of horror story that you simply cannot turn away from. Mirka Andolfo has created a spellbinding story of monsters and men, one that is both spectacular and daunting.

There are many elements worth appreciating in this issue. Lady Hellaine’s multiple struggles, for example. Apparently it is not easy to pretend to be human – especially not when one is aiming to be a sweet, beautiful, and approachable one. That is really only the beginning of her struggles, as readers are quick to learn.

It’s actually refreshing, seeing all of the work that goes into hiding a monster. It is reminiscent of classic horror tales involving vampires, but with a unique twist. The end result is something satisfyingly vicious, ideal for horror fans.

Let us not ignore the other element of this series; the implication that there’s a love story to be found. This issue may very well have sown the seeds for that romance. Or perhaps not, only time will tell on that one. One thing is certain; the conclusion to this issue is going to leave readers on the edge of their seats.

A peek at what is to come with Mercy #4.

The Art

As with the other two issues, Mercy #3 was created largely due to Mirka Andolfo, who is the lead artist as well as the writer. That being said, they did have help. There were two color assistants; Gianluca Papi and Francesca Carotenuto, as well as a letterer, Fabio Amelia. Together these artists created something that is truly breathtaking.

Well, breathtaking and horrifying. That actually works to spectacular effect here. The series is stunning – there can be no doubt of that. Yet it isn’t afraid to turn red with blood and gore as needed. The combination is striking, to say the least.

Everything from the character designs to the horrifying elements are masterfully presented here. Add in the advanced sense of color, and some very fine lettering, and you’ve got yourself a remarkable series.



Mercy #3 went a long way in advancing the plot of this unique series. The monster’s plan may not have been fully revealed, but readers could probably make an educated guess at this point. The sudden addition and revelations at the end of this issue will be enough to get readers coming back for more.

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Mercy #3 is a vivid issue, full of striking characters and designs, brilliant colors, and intriguing plots. How A Wicked Plan Unfolds In MIRKA ANDOLFO'S MERCY #3