Dryad #3 is a fascinating issue, complete with bright and beautiful artwork, as well as some curiosity invoking revelations.

History Is Catching Up In DRYAD #3

DRYAD #3, out July 8th from Oni Press, continues to merge science fiction and fantasy into something new, all while telling us the story of one family, and how their past has finally caught up with them.

The Glass family is about to be torn apart by history in Dryad #3.


The Glass family has quite the secret – one that is exploding out into the forefront in Dryad #3. What started out as a casual fantasy series has rapidly turned into a genre-blending tale as more technology is introduced by the moment.


From the start we knew that Morgan and Yale were on the run from something – we just didn’t know what. Well, after reading this issue, fans will have a slightly better idea of the where, but not the why. Not yet, at any rate.


The Writing

Dryad #3 is as lush as an adventure as the previous two issues, but it has raised so many more questions along the way. Morgan and Yale’s past may have been revealed, but not enough to explain their reasoning. Not to us, and certainly not to their children.

Kurtis Wiebe has done a brilliant job of creating and developing this world. It’s only been a short period of time, but already elements of it are clicking into place. The revelations made in this issue suddenly explained so many little moments before now. It makes you wonder what else will be revealed in later issues.

The Glass family is, simply put, fascinating. The journey of the parents raises a lot of questions, obviously. And with it come questions about how the teenagers will react. It’ll be interesting to see how much of these plot points are developed in future issues.

This has quickly become a world that readers are going to want to learn more about. It went from being something we’ve seen a hundred times before – to something totally different, but in a way that also made complete sense. The stability of the world helps to make it feel even richer and more fascinating, leaving fans eager for more.


The Art

The artwork inside Dryad #3 is something truly to behold. The plot and setting are a fantastic blend of genres, then none of it would be possible without the artwork to support it. This is a fantasy world infused with science fiction elements – or is it the other way around?

Justin Osterling was the lead artist for this issue, and their lines are incredible. They’ve created this unique fusion of elements and then fleshed out the world with characters to bring it to life. There’s so much to look at from this issue, from the current events to the flashbacks, to that surreal world created later on. All of it insists on the reader’s attention.

Meg Casey provided the colors, and wow do they ever pop in this issue. The world is vibrant and oh so very colorful. It’s interesting, because the colors are incredibly bright, yet they match both the fantasy and science fiction themes. That must have been a hard balance to find.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s the letting, provided by Jim Campbell. Campbell’s work is a masterpiece, as always. Everything from the subtle moments to the major swings (and sound effects) was so carefully placed.

The Glass children are in for a whole new world in Dryad #4.


Dryad #3 is one of those thrilling issues that leaves you eager to get your hands on the next part of the tale. This is quickly turning into a world much more complex than we could have ever predicted, and yet we can’t get enough of it.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Dryad #3 is a fascinating issue, complete with bright and beautiful artwork, as well as some curiosity invoking revelations. History Is Catching Up In DRYAD #3