Dryad #2 is a carefully written piece of work, all while providing simply stunning artwork to perfectly carry the story.

How DRYAD #2 Is Blending Genres

DRYAD #2, available June 10 from Oni Press, continues the tale of one family – and the secrets they are running from. This series may only be two issues in, but it’s clear that they’re willing to defy and merge genres for the sake of the story.

And so a great evil has been released in Dryad #2.


Are you looking for a different sort of series to dive into? One that is already making a point of breaking expectations and creating a new combination of storytelling techniques? Then Dryad is a series worth your time.

Dryad is the latest series to come from the mind of Kurtis J. Wiebe, famous for his Rat Queen series. Working alongside Wiebe, you’ll find Justin Osterling and Jim Campbell. Together they’re working hard to create something new and different.

Morgan and Yale seem like a classic love story – the tale of how opposites attract. But many things about their relationship have been flipped on its head. Now that they’re parents to two teenagers (Rana and Griffon), things have become even more complicated for our heroes.

When Yale tells you to be quiet, you shut up.

The Writing

Dryad #2 is an intense and dramatic read for a variety of reasons. We’re still getting to know the family, as well as the town of Frostbrook, and yet Kurtis Wiebe was not content to slow the story down any.

Now everything and everyone is in mortal peril – and we’re at the edge of our seats. It’s been clear from the start that this is not your normal family, but it’s safe to say that the revelations that occurred within this issue were not predictable.

It’s also going a long way in making the series stand out, taking it away from a classic fantasy standpoint, and pushing it more into a blend of science fiction and fantasy. Some fans will adore that, while others might have preferred one or the other.

It’s difficult to predict what will happen next to this family, though thanks to that cliffhanger ending, things do not look good. It’s an edge-of-your-seat sort of conclusion to an issue and is more than enough to have us looking forward to the third issue.

The town of Frostbook will be forever changed after this.

The Artwork

Justin Osterling (art & colors) and Jim Campbell (letters) were the artists behind Dryad #2, and here is where the issue truly stands out. While the writing itself was intriguing, the artwork made it all the more compelling.

The character designs and expressions are a highlight of the series thus far. That is especially true of the dramatic shots provided here, with characters looking striking and intense. Or ready for battle, as the case may be.

The colors are vibrant and alive – much like you would expect for a fantasy series set in the woods. But there are also bold colors, courtesy of the infusion of science fiction elements. The blend of the two is shockingly beautiful.

Finally, the lettering is pure perfection. We’re talking carefully threaded words, designed to lead our eyes throughout the pages. There is a significant amount of subtly in the work here, but then again, this is Jim Campbell we’re talking about, so of course, there is.

‘Who do you think I am?’

In Conclusion

Dryad #2 lived up to the promises made in the first issue, continuing this compelling tale, while giving us more reasons to continue reading. There are still countless questions left to be answered, but they will all come in good time, of that we can be sure.

It will be fascinating to follow this series further and see how far they’re willing to push the boundaries of the genres they’ve been defined by. More than that, we’re looking forward to seeing how the characters develop now that their course has been set.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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How DRYAD #2 Is Blending GenresDryad #2 is a carefully written piece of work, all while providing simply stunning artwork to perfectly carry the story.