Hello, Johnny And Other Thoughts On Twin Peaks Part 10

In its tenth week, Twin Peaks attempts to bring its various mysteries closer together while keeping the biggest questions of all obscure in the mist. Like Jerry Horne, we’re still lost in the forest trying to puzzle it together while hopped up on the good stuff. But, as always, the show offers us a few footholds to use.

The Case

Richard Horne is a bad man. After dealing with Miriam (Sarah Jean Long), his daily chores lead him to his grandmother’s house. Sylvia, already dealing with Johnny’s recent spill, is none too happy to see him. But Richard doesn’t care. He steals money from her purse and her safe. He also takes some collectable spoons for bad measure. After the home invasion, Sylvia calls on Ben for some sort of financial relief. His response is to ask Beverly out to dinner. Sylvia always puts Ben on edge, but no, Ben. Don’t give into temptation. That never ends well.

Oh, and the reason for Richard’s rage-spree? Miriam sent a little to the Sheriff’s department naming Richard as the man who hit the boy a few days back. Luckily Deputy Chad Broxford — officially the worst man in town — intercepted the letter before Lucy could see it. Granted, Lucy seems to be on to him anyway. Hell, even the mailman thought Chad looked suspicious. He’s so the worst.


Over in Vegas, the Mitchum brothers lean that Ike the Spike was arrested. They also learn from Anthony that Dougie was the Mr. Jackpots who rolled their casino a week or so back. They’re none to thrilled. But considering the way it played out — and Candie’s (Amy Shiels) amazing performance — it’s unclear if they actually bought Anthony’s story. He’ll have to kill Dougie himself if the Mitchums don’t buy it. But little do they know they’re all pawns of Bad Cooper.

The Updates

Becky and Steven’s relationship has hit a snag. I suppose they’ve run out of money again as he says they can’t afford the trailer they rent from Carl. He, meanwhile, considers their relationship — and the accompanying fights — to be a nightmare. It’s hard not to feel for Amanda Seyfried, whose eyes invite compassion and understanding. But Becky took so much from Shelly and the RR that it’s tough to empathize with her. Hopefully, her husband won’t be too much like Leo going forward.

Oh, and hey, Johnny’s still alive. Sylvia even got him a teddy bear to talk with over breakfast. Of course, it doesn’t clear up the Richard mystery. He’s presumably Audrey’s son, but that leaves a bigger mystery lurking on the edge of the frame.

Meanwhile, it seems Nadine turned her silent drape runners into a thriving business. She watches Dr. Jacoby’s program from her shop, “Run Silent, Run Drapes.” And though she was smart enough to turn her wacky invention into a career, she’s still under Jacoby’s spell. Does she even remember that he used to be her shrink?

And probably making her last appearance is Catherine Coulson as Margaret Lanternman, the Log Lady. She tells Hawk that the Truman brothers are “True Men” and that he should trust in those close to him. I guess that means even she can see Chad is bad news. He really is the worst.

Oh, but she also told him that Laura is the one. That has to be significant, right?

The Questions

  1. When will Cooper wake up? Even sex with Janey-E couldn’t bring his mind into focus. Will it take seeing a familiar face?
  2. What is Candie’s deal? She couldn’t handle swatting Rodeny Mitchum (Robert Knepper), but seemed so disconnected from reality the next day. The Mitchums are disinclined to fire her. Why?
  3. Where is Audrey? We’ve asked this before, but is she still in the coma?
  4. Is Audrey Richard’s mother? Did Ben or Sylvia try to raise him? That would explain why he’s such a terrible person.
  5. Is Diane in league with Bad Coop? Or does she assume he’s the real deal?
  6. Why did Gordon have that vision of Laura when Albert knocked on his door?
  7. Where’s Big Ed? Are he and Nadine still together?

Not about Judy

Albert’s found love with the Buckhorn coroner and it’s sweet as hell. When a guy as caustic as Albert Rosenfield can find love, it brings a little hope to the rest of us.

Beyond that, he brought the text log from Diane’s phone to Gordon. So now they know Diane is in contact with Bad Coop, even if his nature is still a mystery to them. They also know that she told Bad Coop about Hastings. Meanwhile, Tammy brought in the most interesting piece of evidence yet: a photo of Bad Coop at the New York penthouse from Part 1. But who is he talking to? Is that the mysterious billionaire? Is it Jeffries himself?

Hello, Johnny!

Let’s talk about Candie for a moment. Shiels offers an amazing performance as the key member of the Mitchums’ entourage. When we saw them last, their disaffected stares in the face of brutality seems a typical Twin Peaks quirk. But now, even the Mitchums see Candie’s slowness to respond as an issue. In fact, they are the first characters ever to notice the drawn out pauses in LynchLand. But is this only because it was Candie? Her hours-long tearfest for swatting Rodeny would suggest some sort of expected reprisal, but the brothers seem so reticent to hurt her. I’d love to know why.

I’d also love to see Audrey, but the show keeps her as much as mystery as Annie Blackburn.

Meanwhile, for those trying to keep up with the timeline, it seems at least two weeks have gone by since Cooper became Dougie. Long enough for Janey-E to forgive her husbands transgressions with Jade. Of course, it must help that Cooper is in much better shape than Dougie could ever hope to be.

All of which leaves us with an episode I hesitate to call “perfunctory,” and yet no better word comes to mind. While some of the mysteries are coming together, the great mystery of Twin Peaks still looms large. Do you agree? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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