‘Helena Crash’ #1: A Future Without Coffee is Terrifying

Helena Crash dares us to picture a future where coffee is illegal. For many of you, reading that sentence is terrifying. In this world that our character lives in, coffee and other goods being illegal are part of her reality. That’s the hot point of this new series. Everything else populating this world is just as coffee fueled and more. In Helena’s adventures as a courier, you see aliens, people in amazing Mexican Wrestling Masks, and it is a beautiful world indeed. Join me on my journey into the future with Helena Crash. Coffee might be illegal there but I can only imagine what other surprises this comic has in store for us.

Helena Crash is pure magic in a comic book and now I am here to tell you why you need it in your life.

Helena Crash #1 Cover

In my search for a comic to electrify my world, Helena Crash fits the bill. Fabien Rangel Jr. and Warwick Johnson Cadwell have crafted a mad masterpiece of pure comic mayhem. Helena Crash’s adventures as a courier of certain goods, including the aforementioned illegal coffee, take her in many directions. The way Rangel Jr. crafts her personality is a lot of fun. She’s got a rebel spirit about her and I like that a lot. What was interesting is that I got a Tank Girl vibe right off the bat from this series. Lo and behold Cadwell did art for Tank Girl at one point and it clicked from there. In the writing of this, well Rangel Jr.’s time on Space Riders and more take this beyond the initial Tank Girl vibe I got. It’s got such a vibrant energy to it that’s absolutely infectious.


What Rangel Jr. does in one issue of Helena Crash in building this world is astonishing. If you can give me a good idea of your world in the span of one issue, you’ve done well. When you see what Cadwell does with his art here in bringing it to life, it’s wonderful. For all the stuff that’s illegal in this future, it’s so lively and lived in. Rangel Jr. gives the words and the characterization, while Cadwell illuminates the life of Helena Crash and makes it marvelous. A lot of why this works too is as much as Helena is a great character, it’s in the backgrounds and all the characters in it. Even the supporting cast has a life of its own, there’s one character in particular named Rojo that I can’t wait to know more about.  I love a good villain and I can’t wait to see what he’s up to.

Helena Crash #1 Introduction IDW

This might just be one of my favorite new comics right now. Helena Crash is my absolute jam and I am not hiding it at all.

Helena Crash #1 Explodo IDW

This is normally where I’d put more of a focus on the art but the art blends so well in the overall storytelling for this. Helena Crash is someone who’s been through a lot yet she has a sort of optimism to her. Cadwell’s way of drawing her works wonders in bringing this character to life. One such example, the first time she drinks coffee and you see where she lives, you get such a great idea of her character. She’s cluttered but relaxed, and seeing her eclectic collection of guns and antiques is perfect. It’s in the little touches that help make Helena Crash such a joy to get to know. Note, Rangel Jr. accomplishes this exploration of Helena in one issue and there’s still more to know, I’m excited.

I think for me this comic is refreshing as to how different it is. The comic feels different, looks different, and has a totally unique vibe that I adore. Take a special note of Ironbark’s lettering to this comic that fits this world perfectly. Helena Crash is the total package. It’s a good kind of different in comics that we could use more of in this day and age. As I finished this comic I left smiling and excited to see where this will go from here. It dares to be weird, dares to go off the beaten path and that my friends is a good thing. My goodness is it ever a good thing.

Did I mention this comic makes me really happy? Seriously Helena Crash makes me really happy.

If you’re one of those people who is on the hunt for something new, Helena Crash fits the bill. It’s smart, fun, and delightful. Go forth and buy it for yourself and embrace the wonderful world that is Helena Crash.

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