‘Hanna-Barbara’ goes gritty in ‘DC Comics’

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In an effort to get with the times and try some new ideas, DC comics has decided to give the classic cartoons from Hanna Barbara studios an update.

Classic shows like Scooby-Doo will become Scooby Apocalypse (which looks like the crew borrowed some of the Ghostbusters’ equipment), Wacky Raceland (which is going to take place in the apocalyptic future of the Mad Max films by the look if it), Future Quest (where the action series Herculoids, Space Ghost, Jonny Quest, and Galaxy Trio, just to name a few), and the Flintstones (who appear the to be the same other than having a new character design). No word on when the release date will be for these titles.

Before everyone runs off in fits of rage to scream on twitter “They are killing/raping/murdering/destroying my childhood, #thecharcterisruined,” take a moment and reflect. When was the last time you as a fan found yourself picking up any comics based on any of these characters? Sure, DC kept pumping out the Scooby-Doo comics on a regular basis but how many adult fans kept regularly pick it up? Instead issues of it would appear in grocery stores next to Archie (not the recently popular Afterlife with Archie or rebooted Archie series either) and be given to little kids who didn’t scream their heads off while their parents were shopping.

Frankly, this new breath of life is just what these properties need. Other than Scooby-Doo, who seems to get a new cartoon series every few years, some of these properties haven’t been used in quite some time. Future Quest looks pretty interesting and you may just see it reviewed on this site in the future. For the moment, don’t freak out and perhaps give these series a chance before outright chastising them.

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