Top 5 Fight Scenes From ‘Into The Badlands’

Season 1 of Into The Badlands just wrapped up, and with a recent renewal, fans eagerly await the start of season two. Presenting solid characters, twists and turns, and some of the best martial arts and fight sequences seen on TV, Badlands is easily one of this season’s breakout successes and a surprise hit for AMC.

Compiled here are the best fight scenes in this season. Daniel Wu, who plays Sunny and also serves as executive producer on the show, features in these, but it is OK because he is quite awesome.


5. WALDO VS M.K. – Episode 3

Sunny is attempting to train M.K. and is fighting a stubborn teenager. Sunny takes M.K. to visit with Waldo, Sunny’s mentor and former Regent, who is in a wheelchair. Sunny tells M.K. if he can land a hit on Waldo, he will train him any way he wants. Waldo proceeds to teach M.K. a lesson.



4. Sunny vs Nomads – Episode 1

Barely 10 minutes into the first episode, Sunny (Daniel Wu) comes across band of nomads who have hijacked something of value from his Baron. Not wanting to answer his questions, the nomads decide to take Sunny out. It does not go well for them.



3. The Widow – Episode 2

Another scene that takes place right at the start of the episode, The Widow (Emily Beecham) fends off an assassination attempt and shows that she is not to be trifled with.



2. Sunny walks into an ambush, Sunny walks out – Episode 2

Discovering that Quinns’ poppy is being stolen in transit by nomads, Sunny and Quinn’s son Ryder head to a warehouse to locate the thieves. Ryder is incapacitated and Sunny faces off with about 15 nomads. It doesn’t seem fair…for the nomads



1. Sunny vs. The Widow – Episode 5

Having captured Tilda, The Widow’s daughter, she has infiltrated The Fort to free her, Sunny stands in her way.


In a 6 episode first season, Into The Badlands has raised the bar for action on television and the above list is the best of the best.

Agree? Disagree? Is there a fight scene that was left off that should be on the list? Let us know in the comments.

Into The Badlands has been renewed for a second season, no return date has been announced as of yet.

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