Growlers: Keeping Beer Fresh One Jug At a Time!

Beer to go is turning into a necessity for craft beer lovers. Bottles and cans are great, but when you can take it right off the draft to your fridge, the choice is a simple one. Growlers have grown in popularity just as much as craft beer has. Being able to get a jug of take home beer is a total win.

What is a growler?

A growler is a jug type device made for the easy transportation of draft beer. These days, most all breweries have the jugs in place to buy while you’re there. They come branded so people know where your loyalties lie.

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There are a couple different types of Growlers:

Glass: These are by far the most popular, and the cheapest of the growler option. They come in clear and amber. It has been said that the clear ones will make the beer go bad if exposed to sunlight, so if you are going that route, have it just be for novelty. Being able to see the beer inside is helpful, and you can know how much you have left.They are glass, so they do break. Just treat them like children, and you will have them for years. 64 oz

Stainless Steel: Easy to carry around, keeps beer cold longer, very sleek looking, and basically indestructible. They are great for trips as they are insulated. Lasts longer than the glass. The only downside is you can’t see how much beer you have left, , and they are a bit more difficult to fill. 64oz

Ceramic: These are the unicorns of growlers. Ceramics are hard to fi but are so sought after by the beer lover. The bottles are often more expensive than the other types, and they are heavier, making them more difficult to carry around. They also chip and break just as glass ones do, but a keepsake any beer drinker would want. 64oz

Grunts: If you want a smaller amount of beer to go, you can get a grunt. It holds 32oz of beer instead of the 64oz. They come in the glass style with amber coloring. These are popping up are and more in breweries, for another size option.

Go get yourself a growler, and fill it! Great for parties, football games, and drinking by yourself!

Until next time beer snobs!

Devon Kenney
Devon Kenney
A Washingtonian born and raised, trying to make my way in Indiana. A nerd from head to toe. In love with craft beer, horror, and Hall and Oates. Graduate from Academy of Art University with a degree in Screenwriting. Find me on Twitter and Instagram @Nightynight34