Greg Nicotero To Design Spawn For Todd McFarlane’s Film

The special effects of The Walking Dead on AMC come together because of Greg Nicotero, Todd McFarlane announced Wednesday afternoon Nicotero would create the new Spawn design for the upcoming McFarlane/ Blumhouse Spawn feature film.

“I’m a long-time fan of Greg’s work and the projects his company, KNB have done throughout the years. Working with him once again, to re-invent the Spawn ‘look’ so it will match the supernatural theme in the movie, is going to be a fun process,” said McFarlane.

McFarlane added, “Greg and I worked together on the FIRST movie when he designed the original Spawn costume…since then, we’ve both gained 20 MORE years of experience and have both evolved as artists. So for those of you wondering – Greg will be in charge of the NEW Spawn ‘costume.’ And no, it’s not going to look ANYTHING like the first movie.”

Greg Nicotero To Design Spawn For Todd McFarlane's Film


In the first film from 1997, Nicotero worked animatronic creature effects and special makeup effects.

So far, Jamie Foxx has been cast as Spawn and Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner has been tapped to play Twitch. McFarlane wrote the script and will make his directorial debut.

McFarlane has stated in the past this version of Spawn will be more supernatural and have a hard R-rating. No release date has been announced for the film.

With Jamie Foxx, Jeremy Renner, and now Greg Nicotero; how excited are you for this film? Comment below with your thoughts.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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