‘Green Lantern/Space Ghost,’ A Golden Cosmic Partnership

DC’s Hanna-Barbera comic books have been fantastic for the most part. The curious collaboration continues to surprise people with quality reading. This week, they kick it into high gear with a number of crossovers. The Green Lantern/Space Ghost book ends up being a golden cosmic partnership.

DC Hanna-Barbera Annuals

Of the four crossover annuals, this one made the most sense on the surface. It easily could have been handled poorly, but writer James Tynion IV clearly cared about both characters and took full advantage.


While answering a mysterious transmission asking for help, Hal Jordan and Space Ghost cross paths in the search of space justice. After butting heads initially (duh), the two join forces to help liberate a planet full of oppressed dreamers. Before parting ways, the two heroes inspire the planet’s inhabitants to reach for the stars.

The final page of this story closes with “The Beginning.” I would have no problem with continuing adventures with these two cosmic heroes. Space Ghost and Hal Jordan riff off of each other effectively, building a strong chemistry in just one short story. Given how many portals Space Ghost has traveled through in Future Quest, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to see these two space cops team-up again.

Green Lantern/Space Ghost cvr

Green Lantern/Space Ghost is a lighthearted tale about what inspires us to achieve our goals. It’s about the human spirit, and how any obstacle can be conquered by working together. Space Ghost’s Batman-like demeanor meshes well with Hal’s wisecracking. Even when the book falls into comic book tropes, it’s brief and a lot of fun. What could have been an over-the-top cheese-fest ends up being a minimum eye roll experience.

The only factor keeping this from being a perfect crossover experience is the art. The photo-realistic approach was a curious one. It’s really effective and beautiful when they’re in space. Unfortunately once they touch down on the planet’s surface, things get ugly. The backgrounds do no favors for the characters in the forefront, in fact they overpower them in every panel.

Ruff & Ready

The back-up story in all of these crossover annuals is to set up the next wave of DC’s Hanna-Barbera initiative. Ruff ‘N’ Ready is about a down-on-their-luck comedy duo during the golden age of television comedy. It’s a much different direction than the original cartoon.

It’s a funny, vulgar, and perverted story that visits a fun time in history. Much like Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, it’s a joy to put old school cartoon’s in adult situations, just much darker.

What did you think of Green Lantern/Space Ghost? How many of the ongoing DC/Hanna-Barbera titles have you read? Let us know in the comments below!

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