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GREEN ARROW #42 written by Mairghread Scott, pencils by Matthew Clark, inks by Sean Parsons, colors by Jason Wright, and letters by Deron Bennett breaks through the walls of your comic shop this week as Scott brings us closer to what makes someone a “monster.”

How do you treat a real monster? A true killer? Do they “deserve” to be mistreated and abused for what they’ve done? OR, does that make you just as awful as them? Mairghread Scott raises these difficult questions and so much more in this week’s GREEN ARROW. Let’s jump in!





Parasitic Roid Rage

Scott opens the issue by showing the reader a roided-out Parasite juiced up on the general population of his cell block. Oh, and by the way, he’s loose in the sewers trying to escape to Metropolis. So, it’s up to our lean, mean, Green Arrow shooting machine to bring him in since our other heroes are busy right now.


Just take a look at the impressive art by this team above. Matthew Clark, Sean Parsons, and Jason Wright draw this massively huge, grotesque, Parasite hovering over Green Arrow dwarfing this averagely accurate Joe and making this battle seem impossible to win. Will Ollie find a way to stop him?


Speaking of this art team, look at the creative display on this page above. Clark, Parsons, and Wright layout each panel in an amazingly crafty way. The panels are broken up by the same flying arrows that Green Arrow is shooting to take down Parasite.  That takes skill, thought, and planning to weave that type of storytelling together.  This team is doing an excellent job this issue.

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Prison Rules

As the story continues, Green Arrow is merely buying time and playing with Parasite. If he can get him to burn out and lose power, he’ll shrink down to normal size and be easier for Ollie to manage.

The Emerald Archer’s idea works well, BUT Parasite gives us an accurate rundown of what’s going on in lockup. It turns out; Parasite would rather die than go back to prison. His conditions are awful, and he’s mentally and physically abused.

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Look at the conditions Parasite has been confined too above. This creative team shows a man wanting to die. He’s not permitted to be around any other prisoners AND can’t have any electricity or anything giving off energy in general.  Why? Because he would absorb the power and breakout.

However, Scott does a tremendous job painting both sides of this picture. The Warden elaborates with some excellent points as well. The League, including heroes like Green Arrow, stops villains and saves the day BUT what happens to those villains afterward? Who takes care of them? Where do you put them? The Warden makes a point to tell Green Arrow that he’s doing the best he can. But is it good enough?

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Mairghread Scott ends this issue with the Parasite freaking out one last time and trying to get away on pure adrenaline. The Warden tracks down Parasite in the sewer and tries to shoot him with a serum that will neutralize his abilities. After he��s unable to get the shot off, Green Arrow steps up and saves the day with pinpoint accuracy.

Things to Think about…

This issue brought up some great questions. How do you treat a real monster? A true killer?  Do they “deserve” to be mistreated and abused for what they’ve done?

I can’t speak for everyone on this, BUT I feel like the “heroes code” shown in most comics would dictate that our heroes are not the judge, the jury, or executioner of any living thing. Their job is only to protect people the best they can. Therefore, all humans and meta-humans alike have to work together and support the rehabilitation of these villains. But was the Warden doing that? Who knows for sure… but they are excellent discussion question over a cup of coffee! If you want my personal beliefs, hit me up on twitter.

Review green arrow issue 42

Should you pick up this issue?

Honestly, it ends this arc and doesn’t share a ton about the overall story direction of what’s to come. In a way, the issue is more like a one shot. If you skip it, you’ll be fine. That said; the issue raises some tremendous moral questions and coffee talk with your friends.

I’d say pick it up if you enjoy Green Arrow and philosophical discussions. Otherwise, don’t worry about grabbing it this week. 

Should you add this series to your pull?

I’d hold off for right now. Wait until the new creative team pops in and see how they do. Please understand that takes nothing away from THIS issue. This team did a fantastic job creating an enjoyable read, but the Benson’s are on the way which could alter the direction of Green Arrow. I’d wait to add it to my pull until then.

Well, what did you guys think of GREEN ARROW #42? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter @dispatchdcu

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