Gravity Falls – Episode 19 Recap

The Gravity Falls Season Finale premieres next week. It’s been a while since the last episode aired, but never fear. Everything viewers need to know for the Season 2 finale will be covered below.

Whether intentional or not, the kids cartoons these days seem to appeal to an older demographic. From Steven Universe, to Adventure Time, and now there’s even news of Weird Al lending his voice in a new Disney XD animated series. These shows have feminist characters, subtle humor, and references that 20-somethings will appreciate. Gravity Falls is another Disney XD animated series made in the same spirit.

When viewers last saw Gravity Falls Dipper, Wendy and Soos went on a weird-defying chase to find Mable. Our favourite sweater wearing, sparkle-loving positive girl is trapped inside of a giant pink bubble. In the previous episode, the trio had finally made it to Mable’s prison on the edge of town. Now it opens with Dipper, Wendy, and Soos finding themselves in Mableland. Yes. Mableland. This place is basically everything viewers love about Mable (80s music, rainbows, sparkles, talking animals, and even Sev’ral Timez) on crack.


The whole episode is about Mabel running away from her problems. Bill Cypher is counting on Mabel’s fear of the summer ending. Of course it’s a part of his plan to exact revenge on the Pines family. The four of them escape Mabel’s prison when Mabel and Dipper have a cheesy sibling lovefest. There’s still uncertainty whether Dipper will stay in Gravity Falls as Uncle Ford’s apprentice, but Mable is willing to let him go.

Meanwhile it’s Weirdmageddon Day 4, and Bill needs to take the horrific doomsday party worldwide. The only problem is that Bill and his crew of creepy demon friends can’t get past the confines of Gravity Falls. In the previous episode, Bill captured and turned Uncle Ford into gold. Since Bill is trapped in Gravity Falls, he talks about bringing Ford back in hopes to escape. Now the Pines twins have some time left to find a way to defeat Bill Cypher before Weirdmageddon spreads. All they have to do is find and free Uncle Ford.

Everyone that’s left is hold up in the Mystery Shack. Maybe Grunkle Stan has some not so terrible ideas on how to get out of this mess.

Jess Morton
Jess Morton
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