5 Reasons Supergirl’s Move To The CW Is Awesome!

The news is out, Supergirl will be getting a much-deserved season 2. The catch is she and her crew will be flying over to the CW. While the move to the smaller network might at first seem like a demotion, it’s actually good news. The maid of might was never a great fit for CBS. Here’s why she’ll fly higher in her new network home.

    • We get to see more Supergirl. Sure Supergirl season 1 wasn’t perfect, but the show has a lot of heart and good fun pure adventure moments. It will be great to see how they take the characters in season 2 and beyond. Hopefully, the CW will help the stress the fun and adventure.
    • The CW, which is becoming the DC channel, understands the superhero genre. Yeah sure CBS is the C part of the CW, and the head of CBS controls programming for the CW, but it’s still a better fit. The lesser powers that be at CW seem to relate to comics better than those CBS. As does their basic fan base. Hopefully, this will lead to a Supergirl that is more super. For instance, as stated in the dc.wiki.com  Superman and Supergirl have no need to breathe and can travel faster than light when in space. She should not be threatened by quicksand or even flying in space. Plus, yeah while it was nice to be saved by “everyday people” Supergirl should never be saved by a hose and water.
    • Less pressure and more flexibility at the CW. The CW doesn’t demand “Big Bang” or “NCIS” numbers. This is the home (well with the WB) where Smallville ran for ten seasons, and Supernatural has run for a dozen seasons despite neither of them being a “Nielsen hit”. Supergirl was CBS’s second-highest rated new show with a 2.4 rating in that coveted 18-49 demographic. Still, that wasn’t good enough for them. If CBS had owned Supergirl, they probably would have kept the show. The $3 million licensing fee CBS had to pay made Supergirl a bit too expensive for their tastes. There will be none of that at the CW.

Supergirl Flash

  • We will get to see more cross-overs. Now that Supergirl is shooting in Vancouver with ‘The Flash,’ ‘Arrow,’ and ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,’ it should make cross-overs much easier to do. Ideally, they would still keep Supergirl in her own world. After what just went down in Arrow with Dark dropping a nuclear weapon, it’s hard to believe that could happen in a world that has Supergirl or Superman. Also hope they don’t go overboard with guest visit cross-overs. Still a couple a season could make for good television. For instance Vibe meeting Martian Manhunter has amusing written all over it. Gee, with Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, Atom, Martian Manhunter we have the making of an excellent Justice League. Can a Green Lantern be far behind?
  • We get a full season 22 episode order. The writers and crew know from the start they will have 22 episodes to explore and expand on the world they built-in season one. Thus allowing them to plan accordingly. Who knows they may even figure out how to deal with the Superman issue.
John Zakour
John Zakour
John Zakour is a humor / sf/ fantasy writer with a Master's degree in Human Behavior. He has written thousands of gags for syndicated comics, comedians and TV shows (including: Rugrats, The tonight show and, Joan River's old TV show.) John has written seven humorous SF novels for Daw books (the first The Plutonium Blonde was named the funniest SF book of 2001 by The Chronicle of Science Fiction). John has also written three YA books, four humorous self-help books and three books on HTML. John has also optioned two TV shows and three movies. John currently writes his own syndicated comics, Working Daze and Maria’s Day for Universal Press and has a regular following with over 100,000 readers. John currently writes Bart Simpsons comics for Bongo comics. Spacerun, a video game John wrote the story to recently passed 100,000 sales. In the 80s and 90s John was a computer programmer and web guru for Cornell University and was also an EMT and judo instructor.