God Eater episode 2 – Need more Alisa!

The second episode of God Eater picks up literally where it left off. With Renka transforming his God Arm and everyone being amazed by it. However seeing that Renka hadn’t trained with a rifle God Arm, he has no idea how to use it, nor does he know how to transform it back. The action scenes in this episode are still beautiful to look at but the choreography is still something to be desired. No I know some of it can’t be avoided since some people fight with guns. But come on, I would like more than just a guy walking up to a monster and standing in the middle of the shot.

For Renka the fight begins when a giant Aragami shows up that they refer to as “Vajra.” Sakuya teaches him how to use his rifle since she uses one too and is polite enough to give her name. Apparently camaraderie is very important amongst these God Eaters. I like this style as opposed to everyone just looking out for themselves at the end of everything. I’m sure we’ll run into a few assholes who think like that, but the majority see to just care about killing the Aragami and getting everyone out alive. I like characters like this especially in a world like this that should have zero tolerance for people who go out on their own.

Renka get owned

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Oh wait, did I just say go out on their own? Isn’t that exactly what Renka did? Well don’t worry because he pays for it in this episode, well sorta. After he is knocked out by some crazy lighting given off by the Vajra he’s locked behind bars for disobeying orders. Through this incident we learn of a council across the Earth and find out there are multiple branches like this one. This council discusses taking away the New-Type from Renka, since they already have a New-Type user on the way from Russia.

Lindow (the head of 1st squad) however sees value in Renka and after finding out more about his character in being utterly selfless, he finds more interest in him. He hints that Renka reminds him of someone he knows, but he doesn’t say. I bet it was him when he was first starting out. but that’s just a guess.

Anyway meanwhile we get shots of the Russian God Eater Alisa. She’s presumably the best God Eater, as proclaimed by herself. But she doesn’t carry herself too cocky, she actually seems very well-mannered. But she does seemingly have a psychotic tone in her voice, so she might end up being quite crazy. Honestly I don’t know whats going on with that shirt though? Its like barely covering anything up. I feel like if she jumped it would be pushed up all the way the moment she came back down. Doesn’t seem very practical for combat.

Alisa's underboob

We get some good world building with a death of a God Eater, and its nice to find out that everyone owns suits. It serves to show that humanity still isn’t on the brink of destruction and there is still time to be civilized. This helps us know where exactly the stakes lie in this universe. Also something interesting is that Amamiya is Lindows older sister. Very odd that they both would end up so highly ranked in the military. I’m betting it has something to do with their parents or what not. That woman they keep showing in the flashbacks could well be their mother or something. Now to be honest I’m only saying that because they have relatively the same skin tone and hair color.

Something that confuses me though is that Alisa’s plane gets attacked by flying Aragami, flying Aragami! What the heck, what good is a wall when you have flying monster. Sure they might be weak, but it seems like they could always be attacking from the sky or something. Maybe that’s why it seems like so many God Eaters have rifle weapons. They keep having to shoot down these fuckers.

So HQ goes on red alert and 1st squad is assigned to go help the situation with Alisa’s plane. However a member of 1st squad is on another mission, so they only have two members. Lindow takes this advantage to suggest bringing Renka and thus springing him free of jail, for now at least. They make apparent that he’s still on thin ice. But at least he gets another shot to try to prove he’s not useless. Because honestly he seems just as useless as Eren Jeager at this point. But he’s got a sweet weapon so I bet his bad assery is on its way. And I bet hanging out with 1st squad and Alisa will certainly jumpstart his potential too.

God Eater remains to be easy on the eyes. And the story seems to holding integrity, mostly because of the nice pieces of world building were getting while things are going slow. All I can really say is that I can’t wait to see more of Alisa. I googled her and she definitely has the best design in my opinion. Something about anime’s portrayal of Russian girls that always does it for me. Even if her clothes selection is a little unconventional.

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