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Boom! Studios and their crossover event “Shattered Grid” will soon arrive and result in a change for Go Go Power Rangers. How does the final issue before the event set up the cast and plot?


Dealing with the revelation from the previous issue, the Rangers soon find themselves fighting against their greatest assist. It’s Megazord vs. Evil Megazord and only one can survive in the end.


This issue offers a perfect set up for what will soon happen in “Shattered Grid”. The crossover event will feature time travel and multiple Rangers coming together at once. After dealing with a monster which was impersonating one of their friends the team will be very hesitant to trust anyone suspicious. Nothing would be more suspicious than people showing up who look exactly like you and insisting they from the future.

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Writer Ryan Parrott keeps up with the elements which are making this book such a mandatory pick month after month. The drama and struggle the characters are facing does not seem out of place. It really helps to reflect what the team would have been experiencing during these early years in their career as Power Rangers. Also, the flashback at the beginning showcasing Goldar’s time as a conqueror under Rita is very captivating as well.

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The art by Dan Mora is very striking. As the shapeshifter goes out of control and begins to attack the Rangers the fight scenes are something intense which could only be presented through comic panels. The monster changes into shapes which would be take hours to recreate if not impossible making it so intensely memorable.

With the color work by Raul Angulo, the fight scenes and energy effect work are more impactful. Each blow is felt thanks to the distinct colors used for everything from energy blasts, to blows, and even Rita’s magic.

The Ed Dukeshire lettering work helps to tell a difficult aspect with comics. Through changes in the font and color style, different voices are able to come out of the same creature. It adds a cinematic effect to the issue.


Though not a good jumping on point, the issue is a reward for anyone who has been enjoying this series. It has an ideal set up for a crossover which is sure to throw a wrench into any expectation fans had for this series. The original events of the Power Rangers will be changed and this book will no longer be a prequel setting but a book of its own.

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go-go-power-rangers-8-plants-the-seeds-of-suspicionAn epic fight and intense art help to cap off this last prequel to the crossover event. It offers a perfect set up issue for what is to come.