HBO Plans To Make Us Relive The Election Of 2016 In A New Miniseries

If you couldn’t get enough of the historic battle for the White House that transpired last year between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, never fear! According to Entertainment Weekly, Mark Halperin and John Heilemann will be documenting the entire race in a new, still untitled book due out in early 2018.

If those names sound familiar, it’s because both are veteran political reporters who documented the 2008 fight for the Oval Office that occurred between Barack Obama and John McCain in the 2010 book, Game Change. In addition, they also detailed the 2012 battle for the presidency between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in the follow up book published in 2013, Double Down: Game Change 2012. Both novels were critically acclaimed for their extremely riveting storytelling. Indeed, both offered behind-the-scenes glimpses into the presidential campaigns that shed light on details previously unknown to the public despite the extensive, 24/7 news coverage that normally occurs during election years.

If the prospect of a “tell all” book isn’t enough to entice to you, perhaps the fact that HBO acquired the rights to turn the yet-to-be-published novel into a miniseries is! You might remember that HBO adapted the Sarah Palin chapters of Game Change into a celebrated movie of the same name in 2012, starring Julianne Moore. It comes as no surprise that the popular network has asked the same behind-the-scenes team, led by executive producer Jay Roach, to adapt the contentious race between Trump and Clinton.

Considering how much of the book wasn’t adapted in the film adaptation of Game Change, I think it’s a good idea that HBO is translating this third installment into a full-blown miniseries. It means that they can cover much more of the ups-and-downs of the most infamous election in our nation’s history from the points-of-views of all of the candidates and campaigns involved. Nothing else is known about the miniseries, however, other than the fact it will come to our television screens shortly after the book it’s based upon hits shelves.

Do you think it’s too soon to relive the exhausting fight between the former Secretary of State and the real estate mogul turned reality T.V. star? Are you as excited for these two projects as I am? Will you be reading the book or watching the miniseries regardless of how you feel? Hit the comment section below and let me know!

Anthony Caruso
Anthony Caruso
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