Geekflix – Top ‘Netflix’ Picks For July 2017

With another month almost over, it’s time to look at the new releases from Netflix. After the barbeque and fireworks are done you’re going to need some geek entertainment to help you wind down. Here are the best picks to keep up your geek credentials.

Disney’s The Mighty Ducks (July 1st)

Mighty Ducks
The original underdogs of hockey will be coming to Netflix. If you haven’t taken the time to watch this heartwarming show about a group of losers who help their coach manage his ego, you really should. Also, Emilio Estevez is in it and it’s always good to see him on screen.

E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial (July 1st)

The film which hit us all in the feels. Watch as a young boy named Elliot must help an alien to get back home. As one of Steven Spielberg’s best films, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

The Land Before Time (July 1st)

Land before time

I shouldn’t have to say go watch this. Forget about the multiple sequels and the TV series (Seriously? They made a TV series?), and take the time to watch the original film. It is a masterpiece by animation legend, Don Bluth. If you haven’t watched it yet, this is your chance.

Police Academy (July 1st)

Police Academy

Arguable one of the funniest films ever made. Watch as a Police Academy lowers their standards for acceptance and the group of losers who apply as a result. You are almost guaranteed to laugh.

Spawn: The Movie (July 1st)

Spawn: The movie
With a new Spawn movie coming eventually, it might be time to look at the first attempt to bring this character to the big screen. Watch the rushed story, the dated CGI, and remember, in terms of a comic book movie, this used to be the best we could hope to get.

Titanic (July 1st)


Sure it’s a bit long, but let’s be honest, if we can watch the latest Transformers movie, we can take the time to watch a film which earned a few Oscars. Watch a young Leonardo DiCaprio play Jack, an artist who wins a ticket onto the doomed ship, the Titanic and meets a lady of privilege named Rose played by Kate Winslet. It’s the perfect thing to watch on a summer day when its raining outside.

iZombie: Season 3 (July 5th)

iZombie 'Physician, Heal Thy Selfie' Body 1

The third season of CW’s surprise adaptation of the comic of the same name arrives. In a season of great change, watch as humans become more aware of the existence of zombies and start to take counter measures. Will everyone make it out alive? Or in some cases,undead?

Castlevania: Season 1 (July 7th)


A new anime based on one of the greatest video game franchises of all time? It’s enough to get a guy cautiously optimistic. What? You expected me to proclaim it would be the greatest thing ever? Sadly, after being burned by other anime adaptations like Devil May Cry, cautiously optimistic is the best I can summon.

Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile (July 14th)

Buddy Thunderstruck

If you haven’t taken the time to watch Buddy Thunderstruck yet you really should. From the makers of Robot Chicken this show features a racer and his mechanic best friend getting in loads of trouble. This new installment looks to be a special which is the perfect companion piece to the series.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (July 18th)

Rogue One

Rogue One is coming to Netflix. Do I need to say more? If you haven’t taken the time to watch this Star Wars side story, you really owe it to yourself to give it a shot. It has a lot to offer even the most lukewarm fan of the franchise.

Which titles are you looking forward to most? Leave a Comment below and let us know.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
Anthony is a geek through and through who still looks forward to new releases, sneak peeks, Giant Monsters, and robots of all shapes and sizes. He loves animation of all shapes and sizes. He has a distinct apprehension for trolling and clips shows. His books, The Handbook for Surviving A Giant Monster Attack and Santa Claus Conquers Manos: The Hands of Fate are available on Amazon.