‘Game of Thrones’ Showrunners Do Not Understand Spoiler Culture

Showrunners of ‘Game of Thrones’ Question Fan’s Need For Spoilers

Spoilers are so prevalent nowadays. Every fan from every fandom wants to know everything that will happen. You see it heavily with  ‘Walking Dead‘ and now you see it with ‘Game of Thrones‘. The men in charge of HBO’s hit show ‘Game of Thrones‘ discuss how they feel about fan’s obsession with spoilers. With Season 6 being the biggest departure from the novels to date, the showrunners are facing new territory.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, showrunners discuss their confusion of why people read spoilers. “Any sane person would admit that knowing this stuff in advance lessens the experience of watching it, and yet people are really hungry to find out things that will make something they presumably like worse for them,” Dan Weiss said. “It’s crazy enough to be the person crawling through the bushes in Northern Ireland with a telescopic lens taking pictures – there are crazy people out there,” David Benioff said.

These statements express exactly my misunderstandings with fans. Why would you dig for details about a show before it comes out instead of just enjoying it organically?

“But the idea that people want to go to sites and find out those spoilers… it’s like if there was a website called Last Pages of Great Books, would you read that?” – David Benioff


How do you feel about spoilers? Are you the type of fan to look for leaked information or do you enjoy watching something with no knowledge?

Game of Thrones‘ returns Sunday, April 24.

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