Writer Gail Simone Takes Stand For Minorities In Comics

Gail Simone has been known for fantastic storytelling with her work on Batgirl and Wonder Woman. She’s decided to not simply write about individuals trying to make positive changes in fiction, but has decided to make a change of her own. She has decided only to write comics which feature minorities.

Through her Twitter, Gail Simone has pledged to only write comics featuring people of color and LGBTQ. Her Twitter said,

Anyone who has read comics for a while knows there has been highs and lows in the comic book industry when it comes to representation of minorities. Many of the superheroes of color such as Miles Morales or John Stewart have counterpart characters who are Caucasian. There are also few mainstream heroes who identify themselves as LGBTQ.


Change has slowly started to come to the publishers though at least in regards to the characters. Recently, DC Comics confirmed Wonder Woman as being bisexual, citing her history and backstory as obvious evidence behind the declaration. Last year, it was revealed long standing X-Men member Iceman was gay. When questioned about it, Stan Lee, Marvel Comic’s chairman replied, “I don’t care what happens, as long as they tell good stories…and they do.”

Perhaps with Simone and other comic writers coming together, many characters will come to terms with their sexuality and more characters of color will get their own unique voice in comics with writers who have experience with dealing with these kinds of issues. It will be interesting to see what comes this pledge, but with any luck it will help to get the attention of higher up individuals in the comic industry. Stay tuned to Monkeys Fighting Robots for

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