Frank Cho Leaves ‘Wonder Woman’ After Sixth Cover

Frank Cho, prolific comic book artist, is leaving the Wonder Woman title. This follows an apparent rift with writer Greg Rucka. Rucka purportedly tried to censor Cho’s artwork on several occasions, citing them as overly sexual in nature.

In response, Cho is removing himself from the DC title to maintain artistic control over his work.

Cho’s artwork is not without some controversy. Many of his variant covers focus and parody the sexualization of women in comics. Several even break fourth wall to discuss this matter directly.


Following his departure, Cho released a statement to Bleeding Cool Comics saying:

“All the problem lies with Greg Rucka.

EVERYONE loves my Wonder Woman covers and wants me to stay. Greg Rucka is the ONLY one who has any problem with covers. Greg Rucka has been trying to alter and censor my artwork since day one.

Greg Rucka thought my Wonder Woman #3 cover was vulgar and showed too much skin, and has been spearheading censorship, which is baffling since my Wonder Woman image is on model and shows the same amount of skin as the interior art, and it’s a VARIANT COVER and he should have no editorial control over it. (But he does. WTF?!!!)

I tried to play nice, not rock the boat and do my best on the covers, but Greg’s weird political agenda against me and my art has made that job impossible. Wonder Woman was the ONLY reason I came over to DC Comics.

To DC’s credit, especially [Art Director] Mark Chiarello, they have been very accommodating. But they are caught between a rock and a hard place.

I just wanted to be left alone and do my Wonder Woman variant covers in peace. But Greg Rucka is in a hostile power trip and causing unnecessary friction over variant covers.” (source:

Neither DC or Rucka have yet to comment on the matter.

Here’s one example of Cho’s claims of censorship, regarding his work on the variant cover for Wonder Woman #3. Wonder Woman IWonder Woman II

What are your thoughts on the issue? Does Cho’s argument hold water? Does Rucka have room to impose personal tastes on an artist’s work? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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