Four Fascinating ‘Titanic’ Movie Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Two decades ago, ‘Titanic,’ the movie starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio showed us the real meaning of love. The most expensive film ever made in its time, no one had the faintest idea it would achieve the kind of success it did. Wondering where are the lead actors now and what are they up to? You can read more on that here: ‘Titanic’ turns 20: What has happened since!

An endless number of people dissected the film post its release, discussed the actual events which inspired it and became die-hard followers of its lead actors, but there are still many facts related to the movie that continues to be fascinating for everyone! Let’s take you through 4 of them below:

Leonardo and Kate weren’t the first choices

Although it’s hard to imagine the movie without them playing the leads, they weren’t actually the first choices. Matthew McConaughey and Gwyneth Paltrow were approached initially but things didn’t work out with them. When asked, James Cameron said that he would neither deny nor confirm that fact!


Kate was desperate for the part

She was so desperate to secure the female lead’s role in the movie that she got hold of James Cameron’s personal number and reached him directly! Reportedly she told him that she has to do this and he’d be really mad if he didn’t cast her! Even though she denied having done this, she did admit sending him roses post her audition, with a note “From your Rose!” Kate did mention later that many of her contemporaries like Winona Ryder, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Uma Thurman were fit for the character, and that Jim did take a risk by casting her.

Director is the boss and he settled the floating door debate

The end of the ‘Titanic’  shows Jack submerged in the cold water and Rose lying on a floating door. That ending sparked heated debates among the film’s lovers for many years. People wondered why couldn’t they just take turns and survive as a couple?! James Cameron gave the most definitive answer to that question and settled the door debate once and for all! His view on the matter was that: all you need to do is refer to page 147 in the movie script, which clearly specifies that Jack gets off the floating door and allows Kate to survive.

Well, if the director said so, that should be it!

There was a J Dawson indeed

Although makers of the movie say that Jack Dawson was a fictional character, that doesn’t undo the fact that there was indeed a person named J Dawson aboard that ill-fated ship. It seems like a mere coincidence that both of them shared the same name because Cameron says that he didn’t learn about his existence until after he had wrapped up the firm

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