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CW’s The Flash is one of the most popular superhero shows that the modern day has to offer. But before the Fastest Man Alive was running around in live-action, he was zipping around in glorious 2D animation. Scroll down to see the Top Five Animated Flash Appearances!

Everything below is currently available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

“The Great Brain Robbery” – Justice League Unlimited

The Flash Justice League Unlimited Great Brain Robbery

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A freak accident swaps the minds of Wally West and Lex Luthor, stranding the Flash in a secret lair packed with supervillains. Wally has to think fast, playing the villain on the outside while remaining true to the hero fans know and love on the inside.

Meanwhile, Lex shows the League just how powerful the Flash could be if he didn’t have the moral strength to hold himself back.

“Bloodlines” – Young Justice

The Flash Bloodlines Young Justice

Bart Allen arrives at team headquarters out of thin air, claiming to be the Flash’s grandson from the future. An actual conflict unfolds, but the best part of this episode is watching the interactions between the four speedsters. The show gives each one a moment to shine and show why he’s unique, proving that there’s more to being a Flash than just running fast.

The Flashpoint Paradox

The Flash Flashpoint Paradox

The Flashpoint Paradox is the only movie on this list. Barry Allen awakes in a world where his mother is alive, but society is on the brink of World War III.

Truthfully, this isn’t even one of the DCAU‘s better films; the animation is average and the writing comes off a tad overly expository. But it’s still a great Flash narrative at its core. It exemplifies what makes Barry such a good character, and it’s also just a fun, action-packed flick. Anything goes when dealing with alternate timelines.

“Coldhearted” – Young Justice

The Flash Young Justice Coldhearted

On his 16th birthday, Wally West wants nothing more than to team up with the Justice League alongside the rest of his friends. But he instead finds himself relegated to delivery boy, having to transport a donor heart across the country in a snow storm. Wally feels disappointed and left out, but in the end he learns that there’s more to being a hero than action and battles.

“Flash and Substance” – Justice League Unlimited

The Flash Justice League Unlimited Flash and Substance

It’s Flash Appreciation Day in Central City, and Wally West is loving every minute of it. But unfortunately he can’t enjoy it for long, because the Rogues have decided to seize the opportunity and do away with their nemesis once and for all. Luckily, the Scarlet Speedster invited Batman and Orion to join in on his special day. Action ensues, and in the end the two brooding heroes have a much better understanding of why their fast friend “plays the fool.”

Also, any episode featuring the voice talents of Mark Hamill is a great episode.

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