‘The Flash’ Season 2 Review: The 5 Best Episodes

Which Episodes From The Second Season Of ‘Flash’ Make It On This List?

As Season 2 of ‘The Flash‘ comes to a close, we look back at the 5 best episodes from this season. There will be spoilers for previous episodes and minor spoilers from the season finale so readers beware!

If you haven’t seen the season finale that aired May 24th, stop reading this and watch the insanity! After that, it’s time to fully take-in all that happened & rank which episodes stand out. From the return of the Reverse Flash to more Grodd, so much happened in the season that introduced another Earth and the evil Zoom.

“Run, Barry, Run”

Honorable Mentions:

-Enter Zoom
-Legends Of Today


5. The Race Of His Life

The latest episode and second season finale of ‘The Flash‘ was a grand spectcale. Following the heartbreaking ending of the episode before, “The Race Of His Life” wrapped up a season-long arc with villainous Zoom. It also left the fate of our beloved characters up in the air as Barry once again used his speed to cause some drama. Just when we thought Barry Allen’s Flash would finally be in a good place, his constant running has once again gotten him into trouble…

4. The Man Who Saved Central City

From the finale to the premiere! Season 2 started with a bang as we find out the damage that was done at the end of Season 1. Barry was in a dark place, something that would happen more this season, and the team was disbanded. It took a new foe to bring the group back together. They start to overcome all the previous drama when someone named Jay Garrick tells them their Earth is in trouble.

3. King Shark

Not only boasting amazing effects for the titular King Shark and being a fun ‘Jaws‘ homage, this episode also finally told us who Zoom really was. The entire season had some amazing fight scenes but the water finale with Barry vs a massive shark was some of the show’s best work. There was also a small crossover with sister-show ‘Arrow‘ here. Do you think King Shark will return in Season 3?

2. Welcome to Earth-2/Escape from Earth-2

Yes, these are two episodes but they work so well as a pair that I have to include them together. All season long, the characters of Earth 1 have heard stories of what Earth 2 was like. They have met good and bad people from that Earth but they were not ready to head to Earth-2. When Barry, Cisco Ramon, and Harrison Wells travel there, we had no idea how much it would impact the show. Also, we see the mysterious Man In The Iron Mask for the first time. Oh boy…

1. The Runaway Dinosaur

Film director Kevin Smith directed this stunning episode in which Barry Allen is taught a valuable lesson by the Speed Force. Rarely does the show find a balance between the main story and a side-story but this episode worked on all levels. Not to take away from everyone else but the stellar performance of Grant Gustin stole the show. I’m very excited that Smith will be return to direct another episode.

Do you agree with my list?

Let me know in the comments below if I missed your favorite episode this season.

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