5 Reasons Lady Gaga’s New Album ‘Joanne’ Is 2016’s Best Pop Record

We Have A Pop Music Emergency! Lady Gaga’s Album ‘Joanne’ Is Here!

Gaga’s gone a little bit country & a little bit rock n’ roll. ‘Joanne‘, released on October 21st, is one of the most dramatic pieces from Lady Gaga. The most dramatic thing about it? The raw musicality and stripped back sound.

Working with Mark Ronson on the piece, Gaga went down a different path for her new pop record. She’s spoken about spending a lot of time with family and the influence that had on the album. It’s about expressing a side of Lady Gaga that many didn’t know even existed. ‘Joanne‘ is not a concept album but there’s an clear theme. The song are deeply personal and tells the story of Gaga embracing some truths about her.

Lady Gaga has spoken about “Joanne” in the past. It’s her middle name but also the name of her father’s sister that passed away when she was just 19. During promotion for this album, she has stated that the death changed her family forever and this was a bit of closure for them. Through the songs, ‘Joanne‘ lives on.

Below are the 5 reasons this is the best pop album of 2016:


5. Completely Different Sound

  • Compare ‘Joanne’ to recent 2016 pop albums from Britney Spears or Ariana Grande, and you’ll notice how different it sounds. Gone are overtones of R&B or dance. They’re replaced with guitar solos & country twang. Like always, instead of keeping up with her peers…Gaga creates her own lane.

4. The Eclectic Song Choice

  • While it sounds different from other pop albums, ‘Joanne‘ also has different sounds within itself. The core of this record has this Western attitude like “Sinner’s Prayer” but then it has pop jams like “Perfect Illusion” or “A-Yo”. More so than before, Lady Gaga is stretching what she can do in music.

3. Florence Welch Collaboration Titled “Hey Girl”

  •  Can you believe how beautiful this song is? To put it simply, this is like listening to two angels serenade each other. The song “Hey Girl” featuring Florence Welch from Florence + The Machine is an empowering anthem about female unity. It reminds me of funky tunes from Rick James or Elton John.

2. Mark Ronson’s Production

  • It wasn’t a solo effort; Mark Ronson brought in talented people like Kevin Parker and Hillary Lindsey to help create this album with Gaga. But it is his overall production that’s brilliant. So glad he ended up being the executive producer for ‘Joanne‘. He’s a modern music magician.

1. This Is The Best Lady Gaga Has Ever Sounded

  • There is magic in Gaga’s voice on ‘Joanne‘. Her vocals are deep and soulful. Sometimes there’s pain in her voice while others have some kind of gleeful joy. We all know she can sing but since her Oscar performances and jazz album, this is just another friendly reminder that Gaga is a singing powerhouse.

Top 5 Favorite Songs:

  • Hey Girl
  • John Wayne
  • Diamond Heart
  • A-Yo
  • Sinner’s Prayer

What do you think of ‘Joanne‘ by Lady Gaga?

Let me know in the comments below and check out a live performance of A-Yo, one of the stand-outs from the album!

Gaga’s album ‘Joanne‘ is available on streaming services Apple Music or Spotify. You can find a CD at a store near you!


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