Five Legendary Video Game Titles That Would be Awesome in Virtual Reality

Some all time favorite console games that would be amazing if given a virtual reality make-over.

Virtual Reality has added a fresh and potentially revolutionary adaption to how people play and consume games. Due to the release of Batman Arkham VR and the much acclaimed Resident Evil 7 we have recent examples of legendary franchises adapting to the challenge of VR creation. Consequentially the idea of having truly immersive game play is a reasonable expectation for the future.  Since I’m an old school gamer, meaning my first console was a ColecoVision (yes I’m ancient, moving on), I love reboots. In addition I have a soft heart for the classics. Here is a list of the best of all time that would be amazing given a virtual reality redesign.


As a gaming dinosaur, I can still recall the fresh and amazing feeling of the world of Myst. The world of Myst holds a unique charm for me because it was an introduction to what we now know as the open world sandbox. This design schema is what made the original Grand Theft Auto such a hit. This science fiction puzzle based epic seems to be a perfect adaptation for a virtual reality redesign.  The most trying aspect of virtual reality experience creation is in keeping participants from being ill because VR sickness is real and hurts. Myst is a slow paced mover which is why it would be perfect to adapt players to an experience that can be overwhelming. Myst is the idea virtual reality starter kit for those who still need to be indoctrinated.

Final Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy 7 Remake Image

Yes this is a nod to the legions of FF7 fans out there. This is selfish and completely based in the idea that I believe we all should get to experience Sephiroth in virtual reality. Final Fantasy 7 has historically been the most popular title in the franchise. The story has long been hailed as the best despite the sometimes glitchy and blocky graphics that accompany game play.  With the graphics on hand from Final Fantasy movies such as Advent Children it’s safe to say we can get beyond that with a focused reboot.


The mechanics of the game would need to be warped in a lot of ways.  The experience of a Bahamut summons from the ground floor would more than make up for any clunky game play that would have to be badly adapted to a VR setting.

BioShock 2BioShock 2

This for me is the best first person shooter there is when combined with story, art and game play mechanics. I’ve always wanted to experience the Bioshock world more not less. Bioshock 2 is that quintessential other world experience.  Of all of the game potential game spaces to explore in a thorough way none offer the attention to detail and dedication to a world aesthetic such as BioShock in general. BioShock 2 is the sharper more acclaimed title as far as story and gameplay. This title that would generate the most buzz and appeal.

Adaptations would have to be made to combat virtual reality headset sickness. However being a FPS, gameplay already lends itself the immersion of virtual reality. Possibly a suggested time limit on play to prevent a psychotic break leading to the idea that this IS your new world now. Other than that I can see this classic easily being a virtual reality hit.

Red Dead RedemptionRed Dead Redemption Landscape

When thinking of this game I sigh Red Dead Redemption in tribute and in agony. Much can be said of Red Dead Redemption, consequently not all of it is good or bad. Yet it has always ended with one demand. The gamer audience wants more.  The gamer audience will always want more. A lot of that has to do with the romantic ideas about the Wild West. Mostly the indoctrinated theory of American exceptionalism and meritocracy it brings to the forefront. In laymen’s terms, people like to ride horses, shoot guns and make their own rules. This is the bread and butter of this title.  An overarching call to freedom and independence.

Virtual reality is the other side of that coin. The expansiveness of the title is the aspect that lends itself to VR the most.  One of the largest issues with the current state of virtual reality content is the lack of content. The worlds are not as large and involved as many users would prefer.  Red Dead can be naturally adapted to suit this. With the attention to scenery detail it can immerse a virtual reality user for countless hours just exploring the terrain alone.

Portal 2Portal 2 Game Screen

There is not any existing game that is more ready for the virtual reality treatment than Portal 2. The game itself is practically already virtual reality.  The only thing missing is to actually play it in a virtual reality setting. It is not a coincidence that this first person puzzle game considered one of the greatest of all time could be the most natural transition to virtual reality. The overarching concept is that games have always sought the immersion that a virtual reality space brings. No game has accomplished that feat quite like Portal 2, due to the fact that natural movement is already integrated into gameplay. One of the most engrossing aspects of virtual reality is implicit or implied movement. The Portal world has excelled at this in ways very few titles can compete with.

Multiple aspects of gameplay would need to be adapted for virtual reality. Mostly by replacing the jump effects with teleportation to avoid the much feared VR sickness. Guess what, Portal 2 already does that.  The game performs as if it was developed and designed to one day be converted to its true virtual reality form.

That’s my list. Comment below if you agree or disagree.  What titles would you love to see in a virtual reality setting?

Christina Freeman
Christina Freeman
A Dallas Texas native, Christina Freeman writes academically for her field and under her romance writer pseudonym Suenammi Richards. She has no idea with all else she does why the potential to trash and exalt pop culture has been so needful. Mission from God. . working theory. What other possible reason is there for a person to love anime, beer, pro wrestling and symphonies. She has also managed to self-publish five novels under her pseudonym Suenammi Richards and has a running blog.