Monkeys Fighting Robots

Whenever I think of my favorite films of all time, I have trouble with it. I always end up thinking of movies that either came before or after the year of my birth. I can’t be blamed for such thoughts, it’s hard to find flicks that top the likes of Jurassic Park or Toy Story. However, when I began to think about it more, some of the movies that really stuck with me over the years just so happened to end up being released the same year I was born. While these films may not push through cinematic barriers, these are stories that inspire faith, hope, redemption, and family.

Forrest Gump


The titular character’s adventures of this comedy-drama have always fascinated me, even after watching it several times in my life. This simple man was told that he wasn’t going to amount to much after tests show he was below average intelligence. As his stories unfold, we see this simple man end up at the center of some critical historical moments. We even watch him set the path for how this history plays out. This journey, while fictional, is something to be inspired by.

Angels in the Outfield

Continuing on the theme of inspiration, this film showed me what the power of faith has over people, both figuratively and literally. Angels in the Outfield might not have the highest score on Rotten Tomatoes, but it has something that I don’t see often with the live action movies of Disney nowadays: Heart. While some might see the movie as a cheesy flick to distract the kids, I see it as a story that can transcend any generation to bring the message of faith.

The Shawshank Redemption

This film was my first step into the world of Stephen King. While it might not be as horrific as other adaptations, this struck a chord with me. Despite all the torment and tragedy that Andy Dufresne had to go through, it was his will and hope that kept him sane in his years at Shawshank. The film shows that the human spirit will always be the strongest element in anyone, both real or fictional. It’s something we can all hope to achieve.

The Santa Clause

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that people have that one Christmas film that defines the holiday season for them. For me, it’s this famous Disney movie. The film shows that the greatest part of the holidays is the bond of family. Along with the messages the performances of the entire cast, including the fantastic Tim Allen, are fantastic. It’s a film I’m always ready to pop in during the Christmas season.

The Lion King

Even the mention of the title returns my mind to the opening of this phenomenal piece of animation. The beautiful colors, the crisp art, the compelling story; there are many reasons to love this film. Watching it I experienced my first heartbreaking moment, my first comedic side characters, and the first time I ever considered f the concept of good versus evil. It’s a film that still stands over other Disney flicks to this day.