Five Favorite Films From The Year I Was Born: 1993

Monkeys Fighting Robots

Born in 1993, it has been quite a journey getting to this point in my life. Recently I have been looking back to older movies realizing how influential some were. Others have managed to stay masterpieces in their own right. So take a journey with me as we go back to 1993 and count down the top five films of that year.

5Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (May 1993)

Who doesn’t love Bruce Lee? Okay, I know the real Bruce Lee isn’t the actor. Any chance to look into his life, however, is well worth my time. While it wasn’t the best film of the year I can appreciate the effort that was done. To recreate his life and honor him for what he did within the industry is always a joy to watch.

4The Nightmare Before Christmas (October 1993)

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, and hopefully this song is stuck in your head now. Besides the catchy tunes, this animated film had shown us a masterclass in stop motion animation. Other than it’s excellent animation, this film, as well as the next three in our countdown, transcend time, each and every one still viewed to the utmost today.

3Jurassic Park (June 1993)

Imagining myself side by side with dinosaurs was only a fantasy until this film came out. Jurassic Park ranks 3rd on my list for its incredible special effects combined with a breathtaking soundtrack. While some may argue Jurassic Park deserves #1 out of all the movies that debuted in 1993 I disagree. My argument is that a great story wins me over, rather than the beauty portrayed visually. This being said, Jurassic Park did set a standard for movies to come which is why I rate it so highly.

2Groundhog Day (February 1993)

Sometime in our lives, we have probably wished to redo a moment or get to know someone a bit more. When pushed into the scenario, though, how would you respond? Watching Bill Murray play the role of Phil Connors in Groundhog Day was a treat. While Phil may be a chauvinistic pig, we catch a glimpse at the evolution of a character as he re-lives the same day on repeat. Why is this above Jurassic Park? Maybe I am sucker for good plots, comedy and a bit of love, but it is something I wouldn’t get bored of.

1Schindler’s List (December 1993)

In my mind, Schindler’s List is the indisputable #1 film of 1993. Having taken a few classes in relation to the Holocaust, Schindler’s List did what needed to be done by dramatizing it to an extent where the public would not view it as another Holocaust documentary. Spielberg then chooses to shoot in black and white, as the color would symbolize life thus setting the tone for the movie. The exposure of the holocaust that this movie provides would allow it to standalone as a masterpiece. Yet another message is shown. That once exposed to a different culture of people, maybe we were wrong for ever thinking they were different in the first place.

If you think I’ve gotten my list wrong, please comment below!

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