Five Actors Who Could Take Over as Wolverine

Hugh Jackman has said the third film in the Wolverine series will be the last time he dons the claws. This means someone new needs to fill Jackman’s big boots in future films. It will take a certain type of actor to follow Jackman, and hopefully step out of his shadow, but here is a list of a few good candidates for the role.
Josh Brolin
5. Josh Brolin
When trying to capture the gritty side of Wolverine’s personality look no further than Brolin. His performance in American Gangster and Jonah Hex shows he would help bring the aggressive side of the character’s personality to the surface. This will help ingratiate him into the role, mirroring some of Jackman’s ferocity.
Norman Reedus
4. Norman Reedus
The actor’s portrayal of Daryl from the Walking Dead mimics the beginning of The Wolverine, where Logan had withdrawn from the world to atone for his actions. It would be as if his time as Daryl was training to be Wolverine. Reedus would be able to show a more primal side of Logan, perhaps where the character finds himself in the wilderness for the whole film tracking some rogue mutant. Casting him as Wolverine almost writes the movie without any effort.
Jason Stathem
3. Jason Statham
When thinking about action movies, Statham is the man that immediately pops into a lot of people’s heads. His entire career, Statham has shown he is not afraid to mix it up and get physical with his roles. A necessary skill when wishing to play the role of Wolverine. Statham would also bring that icy stare of his which screams, “You don’t want to mess with me.” No, Mr. Wolverine, sir. We don’t. Though I’m not sure how that hairdo would work on Statham’s dome.
2. Stephen Amell
Thanks to his time on Arrow ,fans have seen just how physical the actor can be when portraying his roles. He would be able to capture the extremely muscular Wolverine Jackman showcased in the last few films. He would be able to take the punishment that the role inflicts on its actor, and his youth would help if the studio decides to look into Wolverine’s early days in future films.
Tom Hardy
1. Tom Hardy
Hugh Jackman himself said the actor would be perfect for the role, and he’s right. Hardy’s recent performance in Mad Max: Fury Road as the title character – a guy who wants to be left alone but finds himself having to fight for those who need his strength – screams Wolverine. Just give the man a pair of claws and the iconic haircut and let him get to work. Can’t you just hear him saying, “My name is Logan” at the end of the film.
Mickey rourke
Honorable mention: Mickey Rourke
The rumor the third film is going to be called Old Man Logan, hinting it will follow that popular storyline from the comic of the same name. There, Logan lives in a future where the world’s Heroes have been defeated but he has survived in an America chopped into territories by Super Villains. If they want to continue with this plot in future films then casting a more veteran actor to be the aged Wolverine would be best. His role as Whiplash in Iron Man 2 shows he is still willing to step it up when needed to dish out punishment in Marvel movies.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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