Fan Favorites Return With ‘Marvel Legacy’ Line Up

Marvel seems to be trying their best to get on the good side of their audience. As additional details are released for the upcoming Marvel Legacy Event, more of the publishing house’s classic titles will receive further issues and continuing their storylines. Earlier this week, they announced the return of 90s hero Darkhawk, who would be receiving a one-shot comic with Christopher Sims and Chad Bowers doing the story and Kev Walker providing artwork. Now more titles have joined the lineup.

First up is She-Hulk, who will have a story by Mariko Tamaki with Jahnoy Lindsay doing the artwork. This is followed by Secret Warriors, with Matthew Rosenberg serving as writer and Javier Garron providing art. The third title is biggest surprise of the announcement. Marvel is set to unleash the 31st issue of Old Man Logan with Ed Brisson on story and Mike Deodato providing the artwork. This is a safe move on Marvel’s part considering the comic became the basis on the most recent Wolverine movie simply titled Logan, a film garnished a large amount of praise upon its release. Additional Old Man Logan comics will help to satisfy the audience who are still looking for more adventures of an aging Logan trying his best to keep up the good fight.

The Marvel Legacy Event will begin on September 27th.

What titles are you most looking forward to being released from the Marvel Legacy Event? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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