Famed Batman Writer, Denny O’Neil, Passes Away At 81

Sad news to report today, Dennis “Denny” O’Neil, famed writer/editor for DC and Marvel Comics, has passed away at the age of 81.

O’Neil began his comics career in the 1960’s writing for Marvel with such titles as Doctor Strange and Daredevil, before beginning his long-lasting collaborative work with Neal Adams after moving to DC Comics. The dynamic duo of comics, O’Neil and Adams, would go on to create the critically and commercially acclaimed series Green Lantern/Green Arrow. They would also revitalize Batman out of the 1960’s camp version into the Dark Knight that is generally accepted as the definitive version today.

Green Lantern Green Arrow cover

O’Neil would later revitalize other characters such as Joker, Two-Face, Captain Marvel (aka “Shazam”), and The Shadow, as well as create new characters, including Batman supervillain Ra’s al Ghul, Leslie Thompkins, Madame Web, and Hydro-Man. In addition to Neal Adams, O’Neil had successful collaborative efforts with Frank Miller, Curt Swan, Michael Kaluta, Mike Grell, John Romita Jr., Denys Cowan, and several more legendary artists.

Shazam #1 cover

The Comics Industry recognized O’Neil for his writing and editing skills on multiple occasions with Shazam Awards for Best Individual Story and Best Writer, largely on Green Lantern publications. In later years, O’Neil went on to teach Comics Writing at Manhattan’s School of Visual Arts.

O’Neil is survived by his son, Lawrence O’Neil. O’Neil’s contribution to the Comics Industry cannot be over-stated. He will be deeply missed.

If you wish to show support, in Denny O’Neil’s honor, for one of his favorite causes, he spent several years as a board member of the Hero Initiative, a charity designed to help comics creators in need. Please consider supporting the Hero Initiative today.

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