Facebook Will Destroy Twitter With Facebook Sports Stadium

As a football fan, Twitter is the best place to create a second screen experience with an NFL game, but with Facebook’s announcement of Facebook Sports Stadium, this could put a huge dent in Twitter’s limited user base.

Facebook Sports Will Destroy Twitter

Posted by Monkeys Fighting Robots on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Today Facebook launched the Facebook Sports Stadium, a dedicated place to experience sports in real-time with your friends and the world.

With 650 million sports fans, Facebook is the world’s largest stadium. The social network has built a place devoted to sports so you can get the feeling you’re watching the game with your friends even when you aren’t together.

With Facebook Sports, all the content on Facebook related to the game is in one place, and it comes in real time and appears chronologically.

Users can:
Posts from your friends, and their comments on plays

Posts and commentary from experts, like teams, leagues and journalists, with easy access to their Pages

Live scores, stats and a play-by-play

Game info, like where to find the game on TV

Users can follow the action as the game unfolds with a live play-by-play, and even like, comment on, and share individual plays. You can also get up to speed quickly with live scores and the most discussed plays. Facebook hopes this second-screen experience makes watching the broadcast even better.

As of now users can get to Facebook Sports by searching for the game, with updates coming soon. You can bet that Facebook will make a major push with this product over the next two weeks before Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, California.

Facebook Sports Stadium

Source: Facebook Newsroom

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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