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Superhero movies are driving people to pick up comics again, some for the first time since childhood, others for the first time ever! Tons of fans look to the source material in order to prepare for an upcoming flick, but with decades worth of content, where is the best starting place? No worries; we got you covered. Here is the essential reading for Logan!


1. Old Man Logan

Old Man Logan is to Logan what The Dark Knight Returns was for Batman v Superman – loose inspiration. The film won’t follow the exact plot (or rather “can’t,” since Fox doesn’t own the film rights to most of the characters), but it will use a lot of the same beats, namely Logan being older and long retired from the superhero game.

The book takes place in a dystopian future where the villains have taken control. Logan, one of the few remaining heroes of the old world, lives a quiet life and hasn’t popped his claws in 50 years. But when his family is threatened, he embarks on a journey that tests his mettle, as well as his…well, metal. It’s an insane thrill ride from start to finish, with action, humor, and – most importantly – heart.

Plus, it’s for mature readers, so if you want to know what an rated R Wolverine movie is going to look like, here’s your frame of reference.

Anthony Composto - EIC
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