Episode 91: ‘Sully’ Review Battle Royale

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Who knew at the beginning of 2016 that Clint Eastwood’s ‘Sully’ would be more divisive that Zack Snyder’s ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ In one of the more passionate debates, EJ and Matt dissect Eastwood’s vision, and the age gap between the two hosts is paramount to the discussion.

Also is this episode, the super fan of the week has a new challenger, and ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ gets better and better in the second half of season two. Will Travis kill his son Chris, or will the Greek tragedy play out in reverse with the son killing his father to complete his journey/transition into to this new apocalyptic world?

Strap yourself in buckaroos! Episode 91 of the Monkeys Fighting Robots podcast is here.

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‘Sully’ Review: A Puff Piece That Hits Turbulence As Soon As It Takes Off

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  1. I found this episode surprising that you two could be so far apart. Although that is what makes me continue to download and listen you guys each week. You two disagree but in the most civilized and trivial manner.

    • Thank you so much AJ! I love that our reviews have grabbed some listeners. We are rarely this far apart on a film but we try to meet in the middle and be civilized. It’s no fun just to be rude to each other. We respect each other’s point of views but also want to be ourselves.

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