Nice bits of character introspective help to remind the audience why the recent reveal was such a betrayal.
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Emotional Torment Exposed On ‘Attack On Titan’


It’s hard to talk about this episode without finally giving big spoilers for what’s been happening this season. The last few reviews have danced around this issue but this one has to put all cards on the table to effectively talk about what happened in the episode. Keep this in mind before you continue reading.

Eren wakes up with intense injuries and finds he is being watched over by Reiner and Bertholdt. Here is the emotion which was expected to come out in previous episodes. Now with the firm knowledge his friends were hiding the truth from him and were responsible for the death of his mother, Eren flies into an intense rage. He becomes so blinded by his anger, Ymir has to talk him down and insist if Eren does activate his transformation, he would be surrounded, defeated, and killed by stray Titans before he could do real damage. This is the reaction which was expected three episodes ago when Reiner and Berholdt’s secret came out in the first place. Eren is barely able to keep a level head as he suffers a betrayal even greater than when it was revealed Annie was the female Titan.

There also is a bit of introspective with Reiner as he struggles to remember what is real in his mind. For a moment he talks about the hardships he faced and returning to the Survey Corps in hopes of getting a promotion, unable to realize he has revealed himself to be a hidden Titan and would be imprisoned the moment he returned. It’s a quick moment but the confusion the character feels is real, showing the weight of working as a double agent has caused him great distress.

It’s an episode which is light on action but makes up for it by having some great character moments. The tension between the characters is thick and intoxicating as you find yourself unable to turn away, afraid you’ll miss a key bit of a character’s past or for them to have a truly defining moment.

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Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Nice bits of character introspective help to remind the audience why the recent reveal was such a betrayal. Emotional Torment Exposed On 'Attack On Titan'