Eli Roth In The Mix To Direct A Superhero Film

Filmmaker Eli Roth is out promoting his next project ‘Clown’ and spoke to Forbes’ Simon Thompson about the Marvel and DC Comics Cinematic Universes and what superhero film he would like to direct.

Roth mentioned in the interview that back in 2005 when Marvel was assembling its cinematic universe he was approached to direct a film.

“That stuff really came my way heavily after ‘Hostel,’ ‘Hostel Part II’ and ‘Inglourious Basterds’ I was the go-to guy for a lot of that stuff. At the time I just wasn’t that interested in doing it, I really wanted to follow my own compass and do things like ‘The Man with the Iron Fists’ and things that I thought were weird and interesting and cool. Now I am in a place where I have done five movies that I have written, produced, directed, and I am totally open to doing a studio film, it looks like a lot of fun. I have written a number of screenplays that have been produced, and I can always go back to the smaller, more personal films like ‘The Green Inferno’ or ‘Knock Knock,’ but I am much more open to doing those bigger films now, and I am in the mix for several different films,” said Roth.

When Thompson asked a follow-up question to determine if it was a Marvel or DC Entertainment project he’s in the running for, Roth was not committal.

Eli Roth

Roth does have a superhero pet project that he would like to get off the ground but the studio that owns the rights to the property isn’t ready to produce it, and according to Roth the character in mind would cost a lot to get the rights from the studio.

“Yes there is and I have yet to convince a studio to do it. It is one of those obscure ones that I think would be an amazing adaptation, but the studio just isn’t there yet. They didn’t even know they had it, or they knew it, and they thought about it and sort of dismissed it, but I still bring it up. In order for me to get that, it’s a very expensive one; I would have to do a studio movie that is very visual effects heavy to really show that I could do it. It, for sure, could happen but I won’t tell you what the character is,” said Roth.

What film do you think Roth is in the mix for? If Valiant wants to make a splash with its cinematic universe Roth could handle ‘Bloodshot.’ Valiant’s first film was originally scheduled for a 2017 release, but no casting or production announcements have been made which means it will be delayed. My vote would be for Todd McFarlane and Roth to team-up for the Spawn’ Reboot.

As far as Roth’s pet project superhero film not many details are available from studios. It would be very hard to speculate. Roth does mention Marvel, space, and crazy visual effects in the Thompson interview which leads me to think Silver Surfer, but that is just a guess.

What superhero character do you think is Roth’s pet project?

Eli Roth Clown Spawn
Do you want to see this clown in the ‘Spawn’ Reboot?

Matthew Sardo had a good conversation with Eli Roth back in 2014. It’s a good throwback listen.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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