Eddie McClintock Talks About ‘Supergirl’ (and more)

Eddie McClintock has had a twenty-year acting career, spanning such shows as Bones, Castle, My Boys (the under appreciated TBS show) and Witches of East End. Most sci-fi fans though know him as agent Pete Latimer, as he starred in Warehouse 13 on Syfy from 2009-2014. Now he will be Colonel James Haper on Supergirl. Last year, McClintock made a guest appearance on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. making him as he called himself “bi-comical.” There he played a Kree called Vin-Tak who actually allowed McClintock to use his comic chops. The very serious Harper was a bit of a different role for McClintock.


McClintock, who was a college wrestler, is known for playing macho guys with a sense of humor. In other words, he can often show up and be himself. Whereas Harper may be a tough marine and a future superhero, he certainly doesn’t have a sense of humor. I asked McClintock how he approached the role.


“I wanted to be firm and assertive without twirling my mustache. I tried to represent the marine core in a way that wouldn’t be embarrassing to myself or the core.” McClintock also laughed that this might have been the most acting he has done in his career. (McClintock can build on this experience as his next role will be a serious one on the new USA series Shooter.)

McClintock said that he wasn’t that familiar with James Harper. Which is understandable as Harper / Guardian isn’t one of DC’s more famous heroes. After mentioning that Harper is most likely to become Guardian, who is sort of DC’s version of Captain America McClintock answered, “cool.” McClintock did say that when approached about the role they asked if he, would be interested in doing an arc? McClintock said he would love to go back and do more.

I asked if the producers gave him any hint if James is a cousin to Arrow’s Roy Harper as in the later comics. McClintock replied, “They never mentioned that to me, no.” But the potential is there. It could make for a fun Arrow / Supergirl crossover.

You can catch of glimpse of McClintock here in the scene where he introduces himself to Supergirl. He is certainly a very no nonsense character. It will be fascinating to see how he eventually morphs into Guardian.

Eddie McClintock on the set of SupergirlWhen talking about the mood on the set McClintock said, “Sure was a lot of fun to be on. I had worked with Jenna (Dewan Tatum, who plays Lucy Lane) before on Witches of East End. She saw me and ran over hugged me and said so nice to have you here! Makes it seem like you’re working with family!”

McClintock had also met Chyler Leigh (who plays Alex Danvers) before. Back in 2005, Entertainment Weekly ran a story “One Step Away” that featured McClintock with Chyler, Maggie Lawson, and Christopher Gorham. The article talked about actors that were just one right role away from being stars. The article was actually pretty dead-on. McClintock and Maggie Lawson both were featured in the ABC comedy Crumbs, which only lasted a season. But Lawson would later gain fame with USA Network’s Psych. Leigh would have a long run on Grey’s Anatomy before Supergirl. Gorham played a lead character on USA’s under-appreciated Covert Affairs. And of course, McClintock would land Warehouse 13.

Chyler gushed to McClintock. “Oh my God, we did that thing together so many years ago. Now we’re back together on this show!” McClintock thought it was great to be working with Chyler now being successful actors so many years after that article.

McClintock commented on his scenes with Supergirl herself Melissa Benoist.

“She’s a sweetheart. She is a down to Earth gal. She was great to work with. She doesn’t act like the star of a big show at all,” McClintock said.

While she did not show up for table reads in her uniform, McClintock did make sure to tug on her cape whenever she turned her back on him. (Yes, McClintock was familiar with the Jim Croce song and not tugging on Superman’s cape, but he noted Supergirl was not mentioned.) He made it clear to Benoist he was just being playful. Sadly, McClintock didn’t have scenes with Dean Cain. Well, maybe in the future, being in a science fiction you never know what twists and turns the future might bring.

McClintock talked about the chances of a Warehouse 13 reunion sho

“Not heard a single whisper. I certainly would be up for it. Would love a chance to be able to go back and hang out with everybody. I hope they do it. It would be fun,” McClintock said.

What can you say about your role in the new USA series Shooter?

“We start shooting April 24th. The show is based on the film of the same name starring Mark Wahlberg.” Wahlberg will be executive producer of the series. The movie was based on the book Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter. McClintock will be playing Jack Payne, a former marine core sniper who works for the CIA. “We have a great tech advisor on the set making sure we are doing everything by the book. Haven’t seen the pilot, but I hear it’s really good,” McClintock noted. The fact that USA ordered the show to series would seem to confirm that.

Since McClintock was at home doing this interview. I could hear his kids and dog in the background. It was dinner time on the coast; I let McClintock go with one final question: Okay Batman vs. Supergirl who wins?

“I would have to go with Supergirl. Because after all, he’s just a guy,” McClintock said without much hesitation.

My sentiments exactly.

It was nice to see actors are just regular people who happen to act for a living.

John Zakour
John Zakour
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