Dynamite Reveals Major Crossover Event in CHARLIE’S ANGELS/THE BIONIC WOMAN

In a beautiful mashup of 1980s goodness, for the first time ever in comics, Charlie’s Angels is set to meet the The Bionic Woman, at Dynamite Entertainment.

That’s right, the Angels, of the Charlie variety, are set to accept an assignment to steal a patent from a mysterious inventor. Though there remains one obstacle, Jaime Sommers, aka The Bionic Woman. Can the highly trained team of investigators come out on top versus the cyborg or will an even greater threat cause the two camps to combine forces?

The series will seek to captivate audiences as the shows did in the 1980s and the new series will take place shortly after each of their respective series finales. Cameron DeOrdio will pen the series, while the art will be provided by Soo Lee.

“Charlie’s Angels/The Bionic Woman is a story about good people trying to do good things who end up at cross purposes,” said DeOrdio. “We’ve made a spy comic, with sneaking around, exotic ‘80s tech and tense undercover infiltration, but it’s also about questioning the track you find yourself on and defining for yourself what’s right, even if it means turning your whole life upside down.”

Charlie’s Angels/The Bionic Woman #1 will release in July, while the new cinematic adaptation of Charlie’s Angels, from Elizabeth Banks, is due in theaters on November 15.

Click HERE for the official release from Dynamite, including a look at some interior pages, character sketches and two exclusive variant covers.

What do you think, what other 80s pop culture teamups would you like to see in comicbook form? Let us know in the comments section below.

Michael Stagno
Michael Stagno
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