DSTLRY Update: GONE #1 Digital Now Available!

From renegade comics supergroup publisher DSTLRY comes the digital debut of Jock’s sci-fi epic with Gone #1. The highly sought-after and acclaimed opening issue is now available to read online on DSTLRY’s own v0.1 desktop reader beta at dstlry.co. 

The digital launch of GONE #1 continues the lineup of exciting releases DSTLRY has in store for fans. The publisher’s debut release, The Devil’s Cut, kicked off the platform’s launch last week. Readers who purchased a digital copy of the The Devils Cut get exclusive access to purchase two GONE #1 variant covers—a Cliff Chiang B&W Gone #1 print variant and an Ariela Kristantina digital variant. Next week, fans will be able to purchase a digital copy of SOMNA #1  by Becky Cloonan and Tula Lotay on December 20.


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DSTLRY’s digital store and reader beta fuses the excitement of New Comic Book Day with digital reading, while establishing a new revenue stream for creators. Mirroring the limited-run nature of print comics and the excitement of New Comic Book Day, DSTLRY’s digital releases will be available directly from the publisher on dstlry.co for one week—Wednesday through Tuesday—upon release. Mass market digital releases will follow when trade paperbacks arrive in print. The v0.1 iteration of DSTLRY’s  v0.1 digital reader beta allows fans to enjoy their comics library in full page view, fit to the width and +/- zooming controls on their desktops. While also available via mobile web, the best experience for v0.1 is on the desktop. The full digital marketplace is scheduled to debut in 2024.


Written, drawn, and colored by Eisner-Award winning creator Jock, the series spins out from his 8-page story “The Stowaway” from DSTLRY’s debut release, The Devil’s Cut.


On an impoverished and distant planet where menial workers scratch out a living resupplying starships, the best place to be is GONE…and that’s exactly where 13-year-old Abi wants to be. Along with her street-tough friends, Abi stows away on a colossal luxury space-liner, hoping for a better life. Unbeknownst to her, Abi’s “friends” are not who they seem, and she suddenly finds herself branded a saboteur as she desperately struggles to evade the ship’s deadly crew to stay alive! As the young heroine confronts betrayal, discovers her true allies, and fights against all odds, Abi will soon realize that nothing is farther away than…home.

Today, December 13, readers can purchase GONE #1 digitally for $1 on the day of release (December 13th), and $9 from December 14 through December 19. Mass market digital releases will follow when trades arrive in print. A percentage of each digital resale directly benefits the creators, emphasizing the collectible value of each issue.

Don’t forget, readers of The Devil’s Cut will also have access to the stunning exclusive digital cover from Ariela Kristantina!


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