Monkeys Fighting Robots

Netflix has announced that it will be producing an Umbrella Academy series. The short-lived comic will be turned into a live-action show for the streaming service. It’s hard to imagine some of these colorful characters as real world characters. However, here are some choices that could make these characters work.

2. The Boy

Umbrella Academy

The Boy is a hard character to cast for a live-action series. The Boy, or Number 5, is able to travel through time. In the first volume, Number 5 returns to the present, having spent many years in the future. The character has the mind of an old man, though he has the ageless body of a child. He’s got the knowledge and stature of Tyrion Lannister, making him an intriguing character for the comic-turned-series.


For a child character, why not cast the celebrated youngster Jacob Tremblay? The young actor has been celebrated for his role in the Oscar-winning film Room. Considering Umbrella Academy is a Netflix project, perhaps Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things could cross over. Or you could cast his co-star Noah Shnapp. It’s hard to find known child actors who have the chops to pull off such a verbose child. Perhaps these three characters could bring the proper gravitas.