Monkeys Fighting Robots

Netflix has announced that it will be producing an Umbrella Academy series. The short-lived comic will be turned into a live-action show for the streaming service. It’s hard to imagine some of these colorful characters as real world characters. However, here are some choices that could make these characters work.


1. Spaceboy/Luther Hargreeves

Umbrella Academy

Spaceboy is the stereotypical business-oriented leader of the team. Luther is a naturally-born leader, similar in appearance and attitude to Marvel’s Cable. He’s the former leader of the Hargreeves team, having left Earth to watch out for an off-world threat. As the stereotypical good-guy leader, Spaceboy’s a mix of noble and pig-headed (not to mention monkey-bodied).


A character with a strong mix of nobility and edge is Nathan Darrow (House of Cards). Patrick Wilson‘s also done amazing work on projects like Watchmen and Fargo. Or you could go with silver-haired Michel Gill, also from House of Cards. As long as the actor’s okay with potentially dying his hair and wearing a huge gorilla suit, everything should be great.

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